At the break, Ireland treated Italy badly


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The first minutes begin with an observation round. Italy does not allow itself to be overtaken.

In the fourth minute, Carbury’s try ended Irish’s first big highlight. With the conversion, Ireland took a 7-0 lead.

Recovering the ball, Italy could not break the Irish defense, let alone the permit. Ireland returned to the opposite camp on penalties. A ball was snatched, but the ball was returned to the Italians following an Irish foul. This time it was an Italian penalty.

In the 10th minute, a new Irish error gives the Italians a new penalty touch in the Irish camp. It is well captured by the Transalpine Deployment, but the Italians are punished on the ground. However, an Irish offside would allow Padovani to give Italy their first points: an hour later, the score was 7-3.

Ireland were heavily penalized early in the match. More than his rival. The verdict does not smile at the Italians, who will have to end the game at 15-14 after receiving a red card for a dangerous charge to Hooker Five. Italy no longer have a hooker to finish the game, Luccesi, starting hooker, injured …

Ireland finds themselves in an Italian camp with a very interesting scrum. Scrum is struggling to play due to settlement issues. But this stage of the game eventually led to a new Irish attempt, with Gibson-Park scoring again: Ireland leading 14-3.

Despite its excellent performance, Ireland is beginning to show its strength. It’s easy for Clover XV, who made their third attempt of the match through Michael Lowry: Ireland now lead 19-1. Italy, for its part, are playing time to save a minimum. But she is already suffering a lot.

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The first half ended with another Irish attempt in the 38th minute, with captain Peter O’Malley (24-3) scoring, but Paulo Garbisi also scored three extra points for Italy after an offside at Gibson Park. We remain 24-6 in this first half.

In short

Ireland and Italy meet in Dublin at the end of the third day of the 6-nation tournament. After a balanced start to the match, the Italians exploded after a red card from substitute Hooker. By the end of the first half the Irish were already well ahead.

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