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At the age of 16, James Caesarley travels in a wheelchair to Ireland and checks the accessibility of tourist sites.

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James Caesarley is 16 years old. Having suffered from cerebral palsy since birth, he decided to take a full tour of his country of Ireland so that people with disabilities could finally know what to expect and avoid finding difficulties. In practice, He only takes public transportation, Trains, buses, trams and their campaigns are accessible to all. This is because people in wheelchairs often have only two options: take a car, or, if there is no way out, stop moving.

So he checks, he notes … Dublin, Belfast, Galway: Are there access ramps and are they working? Are there elevators and adapted toilets? Is it easy to get on and off the controls? And what about bars and restaurants? James Casserley wants to document everything and make everything clear, because he, himself, wanted to travel with his mother last year and found nothing to organize his travels. No info or review by another wheelchair user. “Goal of the gameHe said BBC, This is to avoid really unpleasant surprises, and all people with disabilities can go where they want, the goal is equality.

Within a month he had visited five of the 32 counties, and his best commentary to date was from West Galway and northeast Belfast. From “Accessible Adventures“, As he calls them, attracting social networks, Twitter and Instagram. Each of his criticisms is often shared hundreds of times in videos. Following.

It’s another goal, to challenge, to highlight the issue of accessibility, so that in the long run, one day, it will not happen again, so the mistakes, shortcomings and obstacles are obvious to everyone. James does not intend to stop in Ireland. After visiting the 32 counties on the island, he wants to go to Europe and more distant places.

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