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At that time (S): Farquhar surpassed the legend

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Until 2019, April represented the most beloved time of the year for lovers like me in Irish road races. The last Saturday in April has traditionally been chosen to launch the Irish Nationals calendar, the oldest motorcycle meeting in Ireland and the Cookston own 100 Before the epidemic – some of the few who still fought.

The first edition begins on June 15, 1922, A Thursday: Tom Mullen with Sunbeam covered a distance of 30 miles (48 km) on the Sherrygroom Circuit near Stewartown. Since 2001, the 2.1-mile (3.38 km) orbiter circuit has been used, with superbikes moving in one minute and 23 seconds: The complete record is set by Michael Dunlop, who completed one lap with Honda in 2013 at a speed of 147.22 km / h.. The most successful driver in the Cookstown 100 is Ryan Farquhar, who has won 26 times, a dozen more than Ray McCulloch, and the late William Dunlop (Michael’s brother), Barry Davidson.

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2011 edition

In the 2011 edition, Farquhar made history, When 17 matches were played. An extraordinary number by Continental standards, but in line with Irish philosophy for all, a quarter of an hour is glorified: many of the matches labeled Junior and Senior Support (pilots of the first weapons) were SuperSport, SuperTwinks, and Superbitewins. The first to hit the streets were 125cc riders. After two short matches and the 250th match, the 1000s arrived. Cameron Donald did the most but soon slipped under Farquhar, who kept an expert on the sprint and he kept the lead until the finish line: both things returned to Choctaw 100 after a absence of seven years with the Australian and Guy Martin on the podium, in one second.. Thanks to that victory, KMR Kawasaki Ryder and Joey Dunlop’s equaled the historic record of 156 victories between Irish and internationals, which he endured from 2000 when he died in Estonia.

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Not even having time to catch his breath, Farquhar reached his Kawasaki 450, which was an easy victory: Seamus overtook Elliott for nine seconds. After paving the way for the classic bikes (initially 250, 350), Ryan lined up at the poles at Supersport: “It simply came to our notice then Kneeling on the grass was enough for me to resist. “. Again Donald came in second but with just 175 thousand, Martin was third and Michael Dunlop was fourth and second. Definitely another sport compared to the others, with a distance of more than 17 seconds on eight laps.

The quarterfinals met for thirteen matches, the main competition of the day. Although initially not mocking Farquhar, a mistake that broke in the first corner allowed Michael Dunlop to wear it. Ryan retrieved the head and held it for three laps. But in the next four, Dunlop took the lead again, only to bypass the last lap. Of the pilot
Duncan won by 151,000 and Guy by 588, more than Michael, the author of the new Lap Record. At that point the icing on the cake was left, and Andy Farrell’s Superquinn 10 seconds past Farquhar: “Five wins in five starts, nothing better. If you add wins in Scarborough (week seven, just before Oliver’s Mountain), I can’t ask for a better start to the year.. The races were very difficult and I had to work hard because all the best riders were here, which makes the results even more satisfying. “.

Quota 160

With Enplane Farquhar (pictured) he rose to 160 wins, four more than Legend. Guy Martin had to settle for three podiums, starting with the second line: “We can not be disappointed. We learned a lot about bikes and set a new lap record. I am a rider, I want to succeed, but we are making progress, this weekend has fulfilled its objectives. I felt at ease but I did not want to take unnecessary risks. “.

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