At a distance of 7 km from Kiev, the perimeter of the capital slows down local resistance

At a distance of 7 km from Kiev, the perimeter of the capital slows down local resistance

2022 March 12, 10:00 p.m.

On the E95 motorway, about twenty kilometers from Kiev, the checkpoints follow each other and the tension is obvious. The brewery is the last tactical lock on this northeastern axis that the Russian military has been trying to break with increasing brutality since the beginning of this week. Smoke can be seen in the distance. The last crossing point of the Territorial Defense Force is less than 7 km from the city, in the vast suburbs of Kiev. The shares are very large. If this route is conquered by Vladimir Putin’s troops, it will lead them directly to the heart of the Ukrainian capital.

Everything went wrong from the start. The generals told Putin that this would be a campaign party

The shell fell in front of his house. Alexander shows the photo on his phone. I woke up, as if I had changed my reality that day. Since then, the forty-year-old construction worker has joined the local defense. main idea, He said, The Russians are forced out of the jungle because they are hiding among the common people, which complicates matters. We are not going to shoot the blind and kill our people. He also forces his comrades to show him the two tanks they destroyed on Wednesday. But the order is not to go any further.

This Russian loss is not surprising for Mikhail Samus, a specialist in military defense issues in Kiev. Everything was miscalculated from the beginning, He understands. The generals told Putin that this would be a field trip and that everything would be over in forty – eight hours and seventy – two hours. Here we are, seventeen days after the battle.

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A change of tactics

Because the Ukrainians opposed, and they organized themselves. Twenty-five thousand small units of the Territorial Defense Force monitor Kiev alone. There is no unprotected building in the capital. smyballe Mykhailo Samus. The Russians are in a crisis that is forcing them to change their tactics. For him, the intelligence activities on the ground were not equal, and it is clear that the project received the support of the Ukrainian people. Vladimir Putin
Too much is overrated. Deployed troops, He continues, This assessment attests to a very bad situation. They are inadequate. Putin could have started a situation in La Stalingrad or Berlin by bombing Kiev, but it would have been a political disaster for him.

Putin’s only victory is to unite us against him

In addition to the fact that the Russians seem to be changing tactics in their desire to encircle the capital, what happened in Brovary also underscores the weakness of the Russian military. Although they are more equipped, it seems that the troops have to use the main roads to advance, which makes it easier for the Ukrainian artillery to attack them and ambush at the target. As a result, Kiev on Wednesday aimed at the first and last tank in the advance line. As for the reservationist Alexander, it is clear that they need not fear and can beat them.Putin’s only victory is that he united us against Putin.

Meanwhile, in front of Maidan Square, where the 2014 Ukrainian Revolution took place, in Kiev, security measures were strengthened. The army has added sandbags and anti-tank fries. The city’s sirens, the initiators of the airstrikes, resumed Saturday afternoon. Before turning into false alarms.

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