Astronomy: How to cross Mercury to Jupiter this Friday morning

Astronomy: How to cross Mercury to Jupiter this Friday morning

The planets Mercury and Jupiter will be deployed approximately half an hour before sunrise this Friday. You definitely need binoculars to appreciate the Mercury Flame. Notice for astronomy lovers.

Astronomy lovers can attend a meeting of Mercury and Jupiter on Friday, March 5 at 6 p.m. Futura Sciences. However, good weather is needed to appreciate this view, which “flows on the south-eastern horizon” and lasts only a few minutes.

It is better to be equipped with an optical device

Therefore care must be taken to succeed in observing the two orbiting planets and to provide at least a pair of binoculars. Mercury will be positioned at the top and very small to the left of Jupiter. Saturn will also be near “but it will be difficult to see because its height is so low on the horizon”, details RTL.

Without a tool, your chances of appreciating this view are slim. The brightness of the smallest planet in the Solar System is certainly close to zero. Those with the most persistence, or the best setup, can observe the mercury flame for a few minutes.

The rotation of the planets?

Average day length on each planet:

Thursday: 9 hours 55 minutes
Sat: 10 hours and 40 minutes
Neptune: 4 pm
Uranus: 17 hours and 14 minutes
Earth: 23 hours and 56 minutes
March: 1 day and 36 minutes
Wednesday: 58 days and 3 p.m.
Venus: 243 days and 26 minutes

– Atom of knowledge ⚛ (t atomedosovir) January 20, 2021

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