Astronomers observing from rotation say that the sun is starting to become unstable

Astronomers observing from rotation say that the sun is starting to become unstable
London – Astronomers say the sun is unstable. The sun Even scattering of light from rotation is observed. This situation occurred after the eruption of a star known as the Dragon Star or EK Draconis.

The dwarf star is located 110.71 light-years from Earth. Light travels at a speed of 300,000 kilometers per second.

Scientists have previously stated that solar flares will spread mass affecting the Earth’s environment, as reported by Unilever.

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“This mass scattering could theoretically occur on our Sun, too.

A study published in the journal Nature shows that M-type red dwarf stars are not as stable as previously thought.

The M-Star is the most abundant star in the universe and the smallest hydrogen-fueled star. These stars are usually about 0.6 times the mass of the Sun.

However, based on variations in brightness caused by sunspots and other phenomena, the Sun does not appear to be more active than similar stars.

Researchers say they are studying 369 stars similar to the Sun in terms of their surface temperature, size and period of rotation. Studies show that an average star is five times brighter than the Sun.

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