Astronomers have discovered the smallest black hole. It is in close proximity to Earth – 24T24 – Czech television

Astronomers have discovered the smallest black hole.  It is in close proximity to Earth - 24T24 - Czech television

The black hole creates a binary system with a bright red dwarf star, which is officially discovered by those who discovered it. Named V723 Mon..

“We named this black hole Unicorn because it is part of the V7233 monosaccharide galaxy – partly because it’s a unique system,” said Tarinda Jayasinghe of the University of Ohio.

This graduate student in astronomy was one of the main authors of an article in the Royal Astronomical Society’s monthly, in which scientists described a newly discovered black hole.

The smallest of the smallest

In their opinion, the fact that this black hole is so small is especially unprecedented. “It is clear that black holes form in a vast mass, but it is surprising that a black hole three times larger than the Sun exists. There are no detailed models of how such a black hole could form,” the co-author said. Research Chris Stanek.

Another surprise in the opinion of astronomers is that this black hole is relatively close to us. However, the estimated 1,500 light-years away is far from the nearest star, Proxima Century, to the Solar System. It is four light years away from Earth. The supermassive black hole in the center of the Milky Way is about four million suns away, about 26,000 light-years away.

A black hole is an object with a strong gravitational pull that orbits around time and space, and even light cannot escape from it. The smallest black holes are formed when a particular type of star explodes and collapses at the end of its existence. According to qualifying figures, there are 100 million bodies in the Milky Way alone.

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