Astronomers have discovered a new type of star, but nothing is clear to them – science – life

Astronomers have discovered a new type of star, but nothing is clear to them - science - life

Experts believe that the newly discovered stars have a surface covered with carbon and oxygen, which means that helium continues to burn.

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The cosmic phenomenon is actually covered by a by-product of helium, which may be the result of the fusion of burning stars.

Ordinary stars have a surface that contains hydrogen and helium, but the surface of carbon and oxygen, as discovered by Professor Klose Werner and other German astronomers at the University of Tബിbingen, is the ash of helium combustion.

The “new stars” also have different parameters, such as temperature and radius, which indicate that helium is still burning at the nucleus.

“We believe that the stars discovered by our German colleagues may have formed from a very rare combination of two stars, the white dwarf,” said Dr. John A. Snyder, of the La Platt Institute of Astrophysics, a leading author who could explain their reaction. Miller Bertolami said. .

White dwarfs are the remains of large stars that are very small and dense, using nuclear fuel. When these dwarfs are in the next binary system due to gravitational waves, they will occasionally melt.

“In general, the fusion of white dwarfs does not lead to the formation of stars rich in carbon and oxygen,” said Drs. Bertolami explained.

“However, for binary systems formed by very specific masses, we believe that a white dwarf rich in carbon and oxygen would be different, and that the helium that leads to the formation of these stars would be rich,” he added.

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None of the current models of famous stars can fully explain the newly discovered stars. Further models are needed to assess and accurately determine whether the described mergers actually occur.

“We generally expect stars with these superstructure to burn helium at their nuclei and turn into white dwarfs. These new stars pose a serious challenge to our understanding of stellar evolution,” Werner explained.

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