Astra Linux has acquired the creator of infrastructure solutions for MTS, Beeline and Dubai.


The Astra Group acquired 70% of the ISP system, the developer of platforms for integrated IT infrastructure management. As a result of the transaction, 2.5 billion rubles will be invested in the acquired company. The solutions included in the Astra Technology stack will allow business and government agencies to provide services to the IT infrastructure.

Control of the IT company

As far as CNews is aware, the Astra Group (Association of Independent IT Brands, including OS Owners) Astra Linux) The Russian developer of IT infrastructure management platforms has taken over the ISP system. Representatives of Astra told C News about this.

The company’s product portfolio includes solutions for inventory, instrument monitoring, allocation of resources, and products for the organization.
IT Infrastructure For Data centers And large customers. The consumers of the products are public and private business.

As a result of the transaction, the amount of investment in the acquired company will be 2.5 billion rubles, Astra received 70% of the shares and 30% remained in the CEO. ISP system Powell Guralnick.

“Access to the ISP system seriously strengthens Astra Group’s server direction as an infrastructure company,” Astra Group CEO C told News. Ilya Sivtsev. The integration of companies’ assets will significantly accelerate the pace of import replacement, develop and improve software solutions, optimize distribution channels and accelerate product introduction, Guralnik believes.

What does the ISP system do?

ISP System – Irkutsk IT company, Founded in 2004. It creates an ecosystem of software for physical hardware maintenance and server virtualization. Between the company’s clients and partners – “Beeline», MTSHost Sailor’s Hosting Provider DubaiHosting Provider In Riga 2 Cloud etc.

Company products DCI Manager, VM Manager And Bill Manager – now included in Astra Technology Stack – lets you troubleshoot problems with managing, monitoring and configuring physical and cloud infrastructure. All three products are included in the registry Mincefree. Their use allows them to reduce the burden on staff and resources, optimize costs and increase the availability and quality of services.

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Web Hosting Management Platform ISP Manager At the base
Linux Will not be included in the transaction, and a separate ISPmanager company will handle its further development.

Assets of Astra

The Astra Linux OS (RusBitech-Astra) technology stack includes a variety of processor architectures, including Server OS, Breast Virtualization Suite, and Virtual Desktop Connection Manager. Termidesk (Company “Uveon – Cloud Technologies”) RuPost Corporate Mail, Domain Management Solution ALD ProMobile workplace software Workspad And backup tools Rubacup (Created by Rubecap).

“By merging our portfolios, we have the opportunity to embrace as many customer situations as possible, providing an entry point into a product ecosystem that already has an easy-to-integrate and interoperable solution package,” says Guralnik.

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