Asteroid: Another giant asteroid orbiting the earth .. What did NASA say?

Asteroid: Another giant asteroid orbiting the earth .. What did NASA say?

Apophis, the largest asteroid to hit Earth last year, has fortunately moved to one side.


Asteroid: Apophys, the largest asteroid to hit Earth last year, has died. However, another large asteroid is approaching Earth rapidly this year NASA Scientists say.

The asteroid orbits the Earth at 9 kilometers per second, which is the fastest ever.

NASA scientists discovered the asteroid in March. The asteroid, the size of a football field, is expected to be closest to Earth by May 4.

NASA estimates that the asteroid will have an area of ​​260 to 580 meters. They named it AF8. Although the smallest of all the asteroids that have ever landed on Earth, the speed at which it travels is said to be dangerous. They say speeds of 9 kilometers per second are not normal.

Scientists estimate that the asteroid may have traveled as far as 3.4 million kilometers from Earth. However, they are examining this asteroid very carefully. This is because it is thought to be an asteroid that is detrimental to Earth.

NASA has already identified 22 such asteroids. They believe that any of these are likely to fall to the ground within the next hundred years. The largest of these, the asteroid 29075 (1950 DA) 2880, was predicted to fall to Earth.

What are these asteroids?

These are rock-like substances that orbit the sun like a planet. However, they are much smaller than the planets. In our solar system, they appear as belts in the orbits of the houses of Mars and Jupiter. They also orbit other planets. Orbit the sun in the same way.

Once in orbit, they come very close to Earth.

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