ASM keeps hope alive: what to remember from Clermont’s victory without a bonus against Stade Frances


Clermont-Ferrand. (Marcel Michelin Stadium). ASM Clermont beat Steded Franchise 29-26 (half time: 22-5). MM assisted by Mr. Rousslet. Trainee and Mass. 15,636 spectators.

Dots. ASM Clermont: Van Tonder (13, 28), t. Four attempts from Lannon (39), Bessie (76), a penalty from Parra (24), a penalty from Parra (13, 28) and Lopez (76).

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Stade Frances: Four attempts by Lapeg (34), Hamdoui (45, 50) and Nayakalevu (68) and three conversions by Sanchez (45, 50, 68).

Yellow card. French Stadium: Alo Emil (26)

Evolution of the score: 7-0, 10-0, 17-0, 17-5, 22-5 (half time), 22-12, 22-19, 22-26, 29-26.

ASM Clermont. Tibergian; O’Connor, Ezela (Rosier, 25), Fofana (Hunterhan, 17), Barack; (O) Lopez, (M) Para (Bessie, 58th); Fisher (Design, 6th), Van Tonder, Concoriet (T. Lanen, 72nd); Wahamahina (Cap), Th. Lanen (Jedrasiak, 52nd); Slimani (Falatia, 51), Forcade (Behereger, 51), Beria (Falgaux, 51).

French Stadium. Hamdoui; Naiwalu, Nayakalevu, Aratte, Lapeg; (O) Sanchez, (m) Hall (Temple, 64e); Briatte (Asago, 66e), Gray (Macaulo, 12e), Kramer; Asagoh (van der Mest, 51e), Gabriellagas (hat); Rolofsey, Panis (de Silva, 41e), Alo-Emily (Cacovin, 51e).

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Substitutes: Barre, Etienne, Melikidze.

Summary of the game

PT has been Clermont since the start of the match, but ASM is sinning in terms of efficiency. For the first time, Paris needed four consecutive penalties within 5 meters of the line to break through the defense. A ball from Avergen turns Van Tonder into a liberator (7-0, 12th).

However, Clermont’s bullets continued to be wasted, and Paris missed a few meters from the penalty spot (17th). The Parisians, on the other hand, are undisciplined in the rack areas and Morgan Para uses the opportunity to score his second kick in the afternoon (10-0, 24).

The Alo-Emile (26th) column presses Clermont yellow to register a second attempt and exploits its numerical excellence. This was again signed by Van Tonder. On a penalty, the 3rd South African center line plays well on the throw of the forecourt, coming between two jump blocks and retrieving the ball and scoring realistic double goals (17-0, 28).

Top 14: ASM Clermont snatches victory over Stade Frances (Read live)

This time, ASM lifted a gear, we think, but no, Paris reduced the score at its first real Test point, after finishing three – quarters of it in a corner of winger Lapeg (17-5, 34th). There is no obstacle for Clermont to recover quickly in the direction of travel. After a penalty, an infiltrating team from the overgrowth throws ASM into an attacking bonus just before the break (22-5, 39th).

When they return from the locker room, things go awry for the Auvergnets, who make two excellent attempts in five minutes (50th and 55th), each time cashing in with the back hamdou at the finish. Paris fell just three points (22-19) and Clarmond struggled to move forward despite the overwhelming support of its supporters (15,636 spectators).

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Worst of all, by registering the 4th Test, the Steded franchise is once again raining down Michelle’s “people” with a sharp Hamdoui move and a good relay of policy. This time Paris takes the score (22-26, 68). Clermont should riot. He achieved this by thanking the selflessness of his forwards who came to the goal line following the constant percussion and last impulse of Bessie, the author of the Victory Test between the Poles (29-26, 76th).

Clermont has the indispensable certainty that he is currently 8th in the standings and is still in the race to qualify for the play-offs, two days before the end of the regular season, even if he leaves a point on the way, in a tough fight. Against the Parisians.

Player: Jacobs van Tonder

Absent from the trip to Brive since February 12, ASM No. 8, Jacobs van Tonder, has launched Overgnats for his return to competition. Symbolizing his dominance in the first half, he scored his first attempt in a series of four closed screams, five meters from the Paris goal (13).

ASM Clermont – Stade Fran├žais: Enter your notes

After the scrum, touch: Van Tonder took advantage of a great combination to double the over and throw the five-yard throw from the in-goal and reward the native start.

A symbol of the good early days of the Clermont Forwards, when his Pak partners suffered more, he was much less so in the second.

Number: 22

This is not new; ASM has been betting on training for a long time. An example of this commitment, this Saturday, was especially visible on the Michelin lawn. The Clermont Club has, of course, lined up 22 JIFFs (young people from the training sector) on the score sheet.

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The only Assamese who is not a JIFF? Irish opener JJ Hunterhan, a substitute in the kick-off, quickly came on the field following the injury of Wesley Fofana (17th).

Raphael Rochett and Matthew Brosso

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