ASM: Imbroglio around non-vaccinated players

Les non vaccinés ne pourront plus jouer

World number one wanders in tennis, Novak Djokovic of Australia has called on the French government to clarify the situation. All athletes must be vaccinated, including those who come to France to compete. Otherwise, they will not be able to carry out their activities as soon as the vaccination pass comes into effect. Even this weekend in the European Rugby Cup for two Clermont residents, the borders of Northern Ireland were closed to them for this reason.

George Mola will miss Saturday’s Belfast © Maxpppp
Theory Lauret

In clubs, this is clearly a concern. At ASM, two players refuse to be vaccinated. Until then, they can train and play in the top 14 by adopting regular scouting. But that will not happen soon.

No straight pass

A subtle situation. Because whether or not to vaccinate remains a choice, so an individual is free. “But it’s true that it will punish the team.” Benson Stanley, who is in charge of defense at ASM, recognizes the embarrassment. “I do not want to do politics. We are in a democracy. I respect their choice, but it will not be easy.”.

The Etienne Falgoux pillar goes in the same direction, “It’s not for me to judge, but it’s true for the team to be punished.”. Young third tier Lucas Design did not hesitate, “If we want to live, we have no choice but to play rugby.”. But he also evokes a lack of harm “Key players for the team”.

Discussion with affected players

Until the vaccination pass came into effect, the club entered into discussions with two players involved, two different cases. Japanese Kotoro Matsushima, who suffered from Kovid before Christmas, will receive a three-month grace period. I.He may not play in Belfast this Saturday, but he could be in the top 14 next week. For George Mola, the center of three-quarters of New Zealand, is more severe. Without a vaccine, he would not be able to play or train with the group. Moreover, he cannot even return home.

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The legal issue, especially the issue of players’ pay, needs to be addressed because they can no longer do their job.

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