Asked to do math when he went to the interview, the candidate was “stunned”: 20 + 170, 300 Ask

Asked to do math when he went to the interview, the candidate was "stunned": 20 + 170, 300 Ask

In the job interview room, when confronting the employer, what should you prepare? It has a positive attitude, good interview style, good profile, skills, experience, professional knowledge, … But sometimes that is not enough, so before entering the interview round, sometimes you have to go through a candidate test. You do not even expect questions like the company’s recruitment method below.

Candidate test of a leading transport company recently shocked netizens. Questions for testing candidates Get a lot of attention. Because the test topic in this interview made many people laugh when they saw it.

Picker candidate test created a storm of netizens

This is a test for job seekers who want to apply for a picker position, and a position for people who work to pick up supplies and transport them to the recruitment area. Looking at the 3-part question, doing it in 20 minutes has nothing to do with a picker’s ability or work.

The exam is divided into 3 parts: Part One does the calculations, Part Two takes multiple choices and Part Three memorizes the paragraphs. More precisely, the subject does not require extensive knowledge and anyone can answer the correct answer with confidence. For example, the question: “20 + 70 =?” Good question “There are a total of 365 products in a package. You take out 24 products. Then how many products are left in the package?”Anyone can easily give the right answer.

When confronted with this interview, a series of Netizens made funny and mocking comments, while others were concerned about the employer’s motives. Some of the comments are:

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– “Perhaps a quick check, mainly to see the candidate’s attitude and understanding”.

– “This is just an experiment to see if you know how to add, subtract, multiply, divide and subtract, because when you become an employee, you must know how to calculate your output.”

– “Looks like an elementary school student”.

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