Ask astronomers about the 800 stars that disappeared with Nigoly

Des étoiles peuvent-elles simplement disparaître sans laisser de trace ? C’est la question que pose le projet Vanishing and Appearing Sources during a Century of Observations (Vasco). © Tryfonov, Adobe Stock

They have appeared on photographic plates since the 1950s. These are the stars that the Vasco project is looking for. He identified 800 candidates. Behind one of them could be a rare natural phenomenon … or a modern alien civilization.

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Stars are not like diamonds! They are not permanent. The Astronomers, We have known this for a long time. Some The stars live and die Slowly, in a process that takes millions of years. The biggest, they disappear in a real disaster. They explode into supernovae that have been visible to millions of people for months.Light year.

Astronomers are wondering if some stars have been disappearing since 2017. A blink of an eyeEye. There are no immediate stars out there. This seems impossible in our laws of physics. But these researchers started a project Sources disappear and appear in a century of observation (Vasco). Understand the perception, disappearance, and form of sources in a century of observations.

Astronomers rely on new instruments to find stable stars that will soon disappear completely – a behavior never recorded before Map the sky At a whole high rate. The Panoramic survey telescope and quick response system (Pan-Stars) in Hawaii or Swicky Transient Facility (ZTF) Mt. Palomer (California, United States) For example. The ultra-wide view field of the second allows it to be swept away The Milky Way Twice a night.

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Evidence of alien civilizations?

Researchers also rely on 70-year-old data. To find the missing star candidates, they compare the two. They also put in their data Available online to the public. Astronomers study in detail objects that are identified in the oldest data and do not appear in the newest. For example to prevent any damage to the photographic plates. The remaining data of this object will not appear to be checked.

The investigation has so far revealed more than 800 people Apparently “missing” stars. Astronomers still have a lot to consider before finding the most suitable candidate for them. They explain that this may be compatible with a “failed” supernova. A very large star collapsed into one Black hole Who pulls it out from the inside. Reduce violent nuclear reactions that lead to normal a Explosion en Supernova. The process ultimately leaves no visible residue. In parallel, astronomers believe that such an event should not occur more than once every three centuries, and unfortunately they do not seem to be able to find evidence.

If it fails to reveal such rare natural phenomena, the Vasco project could find its existence. Extensive alien cultures! Includes 800 suspicious sources already identified. Many scientists believe in the presence of another Wisdom Can be detected by the incomprehensible properties of the stars. These civilizations could certainly develop the engineering technologies of the star, which would modify the brightness of their star in a way that is naturally indescribable.

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