As you walk in a hot pot: Desert rain Lot

As you walk in a hot pot: Desert rain Lot

Dotlot means “empty plain” in Persian. There are almost no plants or animals, and the Iranians are trying to avoid this place. According to scientists, this salt desert was once the bottom of the ocean, but it was gradually rising due to tectonic movements. Due to the high temperature, the water evaporated and created a desert the same size as Slovakia. It is surrounded by high mountains and is reminiscent of a large valley. Walking in it is almost like walking in a pan. Scientists have measured the highest groundwater temperature ever: 70.7 degrees Celsius.

This was done by NASA’s Aqua satellite. From 2003 to 2010, he collected data on the Earth’s surface and in 2005 discovered record temperatures in the Lot rainforest. The hottest part of the desert is the area known as Gandam barian (translated as “roasted wheat”). It is a 480 sq km plateau covered with black volcanic rocks. Thanks to their color, these are the key factors that led Dot Lot to enter the record book. They absorb energy from the sun’s radiation and reflect only part of it.

By the way, the name of this place is inspired by a local legend, regarding the weight of the wheat, the travelers had to leave in the desert. When the merchant returned to her a few days later, she was reported to have been burned by the sun. Considering the temperature measured by the satellite here, the legend is not far from the truth.

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Lack of vegetation is another factor contributing to record temperatures. Only the most resistant plants are attached to saline soils. In the case of diet lots, these are some species of shrubs that grow up to 10 m in height. But very few of them are in the desert.

Although the surface temperature is over 70 degrees Celsius, the average air temperature here is only 39 degrees Celsius. This is relatively small compared to the 1913 record of 56.7 degrees Celsius in the American Death Valley.

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