As Rome and Berlin tussle over migrants, Ocean Viking asks France, Greece and Spain for help: “Shameful blockade of Italy and Malta”

As Rome and Berlin tussle over migrants, Ocean Viking asks France, Greece and Spain for help: "Shameful blockade of Italy and Malta"

As it continues Diplomatic confrontation between Italy E Germania After the request is sent Berlin Regarding assistance to be provided by Rome to ships of NGOs involved in rescue operations The castaways in MediterraneanOrganizations condemn the crisis conditions in their boats and decide to bypass the new government Georgia Meloney. The Ocean Viking from Sauce Mediterranean234 migrants were rescued from the coast LibyaActually asked for help Greece, Spain E France: “Despite repeated requests to rescue coordination centres Malta E Italy – they say – a safe harbor has not yet been indicated to the ship “indefinitely remaining”. “This blockade at sea – the coordinator of the NGO underlines Nicola Stella – Not alone Morally shameful But it ignores important legislative provisions of international maritime law and humanitarian law.

However, the operators say that there is no more time to waste Extreme conditions Shipwrecked ships are exposed for days. “They need to get off urgently, which is why we have asked the maritime authorities in Greece, Spain and France (as states of international standing) who are most able to ‘help’, to facilitate the status of a safe port of disembarkation for men and women. and children”. She attacks the behavior of the Italian and Maltese authorities who did not respond to requests for help: “They turned their backs on these women, children and men – they insist – the situation in Ocean Viking is booming, the weather forecast declares strong wind, Where higher This is a Lowering the temperature Stocks ran out by the end of the week. The castaways must disembark without further delay. We face An absolute emergency Every extra day of waiting could have fatal consequences”.

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Adding the number of people in Ocean Viking (234), di Humanity 1 (179) and die Geo Barents (572), is Ben 985 migrants await safe harbor It should come down to get the necessary care and help. “The three ships – adds Sous Mediterani – have sent repeated requests for safe harbor to the maritime rescue coordination centers most capable of providing assistance, namely Malta and Italy. Without answers. We are facing a Deafening silence. In addition to this silence, which had been a sad habit for years, on October 25 the new Italian Minister of the Interior Matteo Piandosi A directive was issued warning police forces and port authorities that the Ministry of Interior was ‘assessing’ our ship’s entry into Italian territorial waters. Because of an implicit ban it didn’t inform our bot in any way. The NGO therefore “urges the European Member States and Associated States to respect their obligations and restore a predictable disembarkation system. It is necessary to relieve pressure on European coastal states, which cannot be left alone to take on a problem affecting the entire continent. However, the system must guarantee the possibility of disembarking survivors at the nearest safe port to the area where search and rescue operations are conducted. A rescue ship wrecked at sea is not a matter of political discussion.

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