AS Roma / Empoli – Women’s Coppa Italia 1/2 Last Second Quarter.


This is the second day in a row that the day has come to validate the move to the Copa finals. Geoloros Trey appears on Fontaine’s lawn to face Empoli for his semi – final return from the match. Roma won 1-0 in the first quarter

Presentation of AS Roma / Empoli Match

Women’s Coppa Italia 2021/22 – Semi-final second quarter
AS RomaEmpoli FC
Saturday, April 30, 2022
🏟 Trey Fontaine, Rome (RM)
Extension: Timvision, La7 Etc. ROM TV +

Squad list de la Roma

The guard : Caesar, Giok, Lind
Defense : Bartoli, Batistini, Bernouir, Borini, de Guglielmo, Colmatus, Linari, Pacioni, Petenuso, Sofia
Ml : Andresa, Borini, Giugliano, Gregy
Guilty : Corelli, Gliona, Havi, Haugh, Kajba, Lazaro, Piron, Serturini

Out : Weather in Sicotti (Wound)

Presentation of the game

Roma beat Empoli in the first quarter 0-1 Thanks for the goal Manuel Giugliano. Tickets for the finals are still open and will be decided at a match in Trey Fontaine.

Empoli will miss two valuable Italian players: the captain Cecilia plum Etc. Zoe Gloria Geotras.

Mr. Fabio Ulderici There will be a choice of cages with the goalkeeper Alessia CappeletiBest Player of the Month for March, and she’s second there Gloria Sicioli.

On defense, only one foreigner: the Portuguese Maya Ferreira. With her, the Italians Margarita Brasic, Sarah Mella, Elizabeth OlivieroSecond Captain Aurora de Rita Etc. Elenora Binaci. Hungry young people show and improve their skills.

The midfielder sees another foreign presence: the Dutch Anna Knol She was supported by her Italian teammates Marta Morele, Norma Sinotti, Bianca Bardin, Ludovica Sylvioni, Elena Nichel Etc. Melissa Bellucci. Young players who can hurt Mr. Alessandro Spagna’s guillotine defense.

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Attack bomber relies on Azura: Dutch Sung-Mary Dompig Who counts in the assists of the forwards Asia Bragonsi, Sarah Drumini, Isota Nochi, Valeria Monterubiano, Matilda de Matisse Etc. Giulia Verino.

Roma, who want to retain the title they won last season, will face Empoli in their first Copa final.

Another semi-final will be played on May 1 at 12 noon. Juventus as well as Milan. On the way to Milan, Bianconer took the lead in the final score 1-6.

The final match will be played May 22 In the stadium Paulo Massa From Ferrara To 14h15.

Excellent competition

Lucia de Guglielmo He was the captain of the Empoli until last season. Played with de Guglielmo Benedetta Gliona It belonged to Juventus.

Mr. Alessandro Spagna Azure trained until the middle of last season.


The Geoloros competition will be seen around the world. Live will be on ATA Football For Canada, USA, Wales, Scotland, Northern Ireland and Germany.

On ESPN For South and Central America, on W Sports To African countries, and NENT For Sweden, Norway, Finland, Poland, the Netherlands, Denmark, Estonia, Lectonia, Lithuania and Iceland.

On SBS Only for Australia Mole TV For Indonesia.

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