Artificial Intelligence: Stop for the very popular chatbot

Artificial Intelligence: Stop for the very popular chatbot

ChatGPT software Creates a buzz Since it was posted last Wednesday. But his popularity and mistakes overtake him. Stack Overflow, a question-and-answer site for coders, has been temporarily blacklisted due to its “persistent tendency to generate generic but incorrect answers.”

According to the site’s moderators, ChatGPT makes it very easy for users to create responses and fill the site with content that seems right at first glance, but is often wrong on closer inspection. Many programmers have recounted their misadventures Hacker News. A regular commented that answers to questions about coding problems were wrong more often than right. “It was scary to see how wrong the text was,” he commented. The text looked great, but there were huge mistakes in it.

Pending a final decision on ChatGPT’s fate, Stack Overflow officials are announcing penalties for those who attempt to post content from the chatbot. As reported by the site TheVergeThe concern is that this problem will spread to other platforms, with the flood of AI content drowning out the voices of real users with reliable but inaccurate data.

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