Artificial intelligence is like quantum computing

Artificial intelligence is like quantum computing

Internet Desk: Leading tech giant Google CEO Sundar Pichai has said that the areas of artificial intelligence and quantum computing will have a huge impact on human life in the coming days. He spoke in a recent interview. Just as fire, electricity, and the Internet are needed today, artificial intelligence may be more urgent in the future, so some tasks can be done more efficiently with the help of artificial intelligence than humans. He is the leader of Google-based companies such as Alphabet, Wage, Fitbit and Deep Mind in the field of artificial intelligence. He said online activities are currently more important than physical activities. The Internet is the digital age today.

Safe, Unrestricted Internet Use!

He said the use of free and unrestricted Internet in some countries had recently been a problem, indirectly targeting China. Most countries control the flow of information. He said there are no major Google products available in China. He predicted that in the years to come, advances in AI and quantum computing would revolutionize the entire world in a way no one else knew. He said that these were the greatest technological revolutions developed by mankind. He said that artificial intelligence is basically the process of inserting human intelligence into machines, multiplying it and making it work. He reminded that many artificial intelligence systems already solve many problems better than humans. Notable in this context is the famous scientist Stephen Hawking, who warned that artificial intelligence can currently harm our system.

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