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Arsenal players pull out Pepe Headbutt as angry Kieran Tiruni tries to face Leeds star Alyoski

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Arsenal defender Kieran Tioni has been blocked by teammates after he angrily tried to face Eisenhower.

Leeds’ opposition Scottish fullback was clearly unhappy with the way Nicolas Pepe was sent off.


After Leeds and Arsenal drew 0-0, Kieran Tierney faced Esjan Alyoski.Attribution: AFP
The enraged Scottish defender must be restrained


The enraged Scottish defender must be restrainedAttribution: AFP

A headbutt in Pepe Alyoski was red for Sunday’s 0-0 draw on Elland Road.

Alyoski stepped on the field dramatically when Pepe came into contact after the two became square.

After the final whistle, the 23-year-old Tierney tried to face the Leeds defender, but was blocked by only team members.

Leeds went head-to-head with Arsenal’s Reyes Nelson early in the second half.

Referee Anthony Taylor whistled to stop the game as the incident was not seen live.

But after looking briefly at the VAR monitor, his decision was easy, and he showed Pepe a red card.

Half a minute before the red card incident, about half of the replays showed that there was a dispute between Pepe and Alioski.

The next time they come back together, Pepe throws both hands out before taking the bait.

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In a co-commentary on Sky Sports, Gary Neville called the move: “This is Pepe, Alioski. Did Pepe respond? He’s turning to the Leeds man.

“Oh … he’s in a little trouble. Yes, he’s in trouble.

“He responds to the initial contact. Alioski’s head comes down to him from the ground. He did.”

Pep had no complaints when he was stamped with a red card, kicked off the pitch and climbed the stairs to the away dressing room.

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Nicholas Pepe was sent to Esjan Alioski for this headbutt.


Nicholas Pepe was sent to Esjan Alioski for this headbutt.Attribution: Sky Sports
Referee Anthony Taylor was shown a red card for Arsenal forward


Referee Anthony Taylor was shown a red card for Arsenal forwardAttribution: Reuters

In the 51st minute, Marcelo Bielsa’s goal was awarded to Arsenal by 40 minutes.

Arsenal boss Michael Arteta has labeled Pepe ‘unacceptable’ and accused him of “dropping the team”.

He said: “It’s unacceptable, it’s unacceptable.

“This is a big drawback with ten men.

“I really liked the personality of the team when Pepe let the team down. We did what we had to do. We had a moment or two to win the game, but it’s really hard.”

Patrice Evra allowed the wide-eyed move to be snatched away.

He said: “Pepe must apologize to all his team-mates because Arsenal had to change their plans.

“Alioski deserves an Oscar,” he said with a broken nose.

“But it’s very simple from Pepe. When you do not play much, when you do it when they give you a chance, do not cry if you do not play the next games.”

Asked if Pepe had apologized, Hector Bellerin said: “These are still in the changing room.

“Everyone has a lot of adrenaline after the game, and these things have to wait until the end of the week.”

Arteta explains why he crossed so much, addresses Pepe’s unacceptable actions and reveals his concerns about the lack of goals

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