Arriving in Northern Ireland on Christmas Eve shows live Santa Claus – Altahbia

Arriving in Northern Ireland on Christmas Eve shows live Santa Claus - Altahbia

Today is the day we all look forward to during the holidays – new pajamas and Christmas movies and a morning for the kids waiting for the arrival of Santa Claus.

To help you wake up to that excitement and help the kids fall asleep faster, you can track where Santa Claus is online from today.

NORAD receives calls from around the world on December 24 to inquire about Santa’s location. Kids, families, and fans alike track Santa Claus’ location on the NORAD Track Santa Claus and on social media platforms.

With their help, children in Northern Ireland can check out Santa Claus before going to bed until morning.

On December 24th, you can email, and a NORAD employee will email you Santa’s last known location.

You can also track Santa Claus on your mobile through the official Windows 8 app, and chat directly with the NORAD operator to locate the old St. Nick!

How to track Santa Claus?

Getting in touch with Santa Claus is easy. You can find out where he is on Christmas Eve and enjoy other fun activities while doing so. Click here.

Instead, Google has its own Santa Claus tracker that you can do See here.

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