Arrive on time .. Tomorrow the earth will witness a partial solar eclipse

كونوا على الموعد.. الكرة الأرضية تشهد كسوفا جزئيا للشمس غدًا

As the country witnesses a solar eclipse before the end of this month, fans of astronomical phenomena staring at the sky will be on the date of the first eclipses and eclipses.

Solar and lunar eclipses are used as constraints on the Hijri calendar, and solar and lunar eclipses can be used to determine the beginning and end of the lunar or Hijri months, as these phenomena clearly reflect the movement of the Moon around the Earth. And the motion of the earth around the sun.

With the first phenomena of eclipses and eclipses, we will be tomorrow, Saturday, April 30, 2022, on a date with a partial solar eclipse, the time of its eclipse corresponding to the conjunction of the month of Shawwal. Hijra for 1443 years.

It can be seen (in southern and western South America – the Pacific Ocean is part of Antarctica), and at the height of the partial eclipse the lunar disk contains 64% of the Sun’s disk.

The partial eclipse takes about three hours and fifty-four minutes from its beginning to its end, and is not seen in Egypt.

Solar eclipses are said to occur in conjunction or meeting mode, i.e., the eclipse signals the imminent birth of a new lunar eclipse, and the eclipse is the date of birth of the new moon, and the lunar eclipse occurs in the opposite position, i.e., when the moon is full in the middle of the lunar month.

Between 2001 and 2100 there will be 224 solar eclipses, including 77 partial and 72 circular eclipses (two of which are decentralized) and 68 total eclipses (including three eccentric), while there will be 7 hybrid eclipses (between ring eclipses). Of the eclipses, there will be two decentralized, total, and concentrated annual eclipses.

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We will have two solar and two lunar eclipses in 2022: partial solar eclipse on April 30, total lunar eclipse on May 16, and partial solar eclipse and full lunar eclipse on October 25. On November 8th.

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