Armin Rohde Revealed as Goldie in Singing Show: Masked Singer – Entertainment

Armin Rohde Revealed as Goldie in Singing Show: Masked Singer - Entertainment

Armin Rohde as “Goldie” next to moderator Matthias Opdenhovel on stage. Photo: Rolf Wennenbernd/dpa

The season of “The Masked Singer” is coming to an end, and even in the semifinals, a star must recognize himself. Sometimes a rate guest excited himself.

COLOGNE (AP) – Comfort Goldie: Actor Armin Rohde, 67, revealed on the Prosseeben show that “The Masked Singer” was a fluffy but bad-tempered Goldie, so he was fired just before the end of the show.

“Don’t vote for me, you hear?” On Saturday evening, the audience got their wish from the beautiful and simple Goldie, who instructed the audience before her final appearance that.

Rohde played the “masked singer” candidate against his will, moderator Matthias Opdenhovel said. It hasn’t happened in seven seasons, Opdenhowell says, “and a mask comes out and says: “I don’t want it anymore, I don’t feel like it” – one of the shows. You noticed: people loved it .” “Night Shift” television commissioner Rohde himself probably liked the show better than his fictional character. “It was one of the most exciting experiences I’ve had in my entire career,” he said.

Shiny plush robe

Viewers correctly guessed that Rohde was hiding under Goldie’s shiny plush coat. The rate team, on the other hand, remained in the dark till the end. Pop singer Johannes Ording suspected that Rohde was behind the big googly eyes, as he thought he recognized “great acting” and “a lot of creativity” in Goldie’s performances. On the other hand, Rhea Garvey guessed pop singer Ike Hipgold because of the name overlap. Ruth Moschner threw moderator Jurgen von der Lippe’s name into the ring.

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Musician Rhea Garvey, who had previously been traded by viewers and rate queen Ruth Moschner as a lead singer under the guise of Shaggy Wolf, caused a stir. The Irish singer returned to the show on Saturday as a special guest. But, above all, he was not in his seat for the appearance of the wolf—very suspicious, as Moschner thought.

A wolf in a long coat of fur

During a break in the wolf’s song, a second wolf in a long fur coat and Garvey’s colorful pants mingled with the dancers. “Obviously I’m no wolf,” said the Irishman. “I’m proud you thought it was me.” Who is actually in the wolf costume remains a mystery.

Max Mutske, the winning astronaut from the first and fifth seasons, and garbage monster Mullie Muller, aka Alexander Klaus, returned to Prosyben Studios on Saturday evening for a joint appearance. In “The Masked Singer,” celebrities appear as singers but hide their identities behind masks and elaborate costumes. Only her voice and some hints could tell who would be on stage. The stars are unmasked as soon as they don’t get enough votes or win.

The show is now in its seventh season. Before Rohde, Katja Burkard, Jutta Speidel, Thomas Hayo and Felix von Jascheroff have all had to unmask in the past few weeks. The costume finale will be held next Saturday. Also: Mole, Wolf, Tooth Fairy and a robot named Rosty.

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