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Ariadne chats with Michelle Bolsonaro’s makeup artist and case goes viral

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Ariadna Aranthus and Augustine Fernandez (reproduction)

TIT formed! Influencer Ariadna Arantus, Former No Limite 5 partner, was involved in a new controversy on social media. Next time Augustine FernandezMichelle Bolsonaro is best known as the makeup artist.

The case comes just days after a pro-Bolsonaro militant became a controversial target for promoting conflict between infectious diseases. Hitchhiking was seen with the first lady on the FAB flight – An Embraer ERJ145 from the Brazilian Air Force.

This situation was published in the gossip profile of Raina Matos The riot broke out not only among Internet users but also in AriadneThe boy did not avoid criticism: “Mamata will end”.

However, Augustine was not silent when he soon saw a snippet of the former BBB posted Ariadne declares it “irrelevant.” Wants to show at your expense.

“Another irrelevant lament on the internet to get people’s attention. All you have done so far is translate the menu of the restaurant on our Master Diva Anita’s tour of Italy. Honestly, see? One beat in your life, ‘love’, there is still time. PS: How to sign up for a ride on a FAB flight, ”said Augustine.

Without words, Ariadne broke down the verb: “Honey, I don’t mourn on the internet. Unfortunately I am part of a minority. I did not translate the menu for Anita and her diva and my friend because you have a misconception that she can speak Italian. Who are you to tell me I need to get my life right? Do you know anything about my life? My ways, my achievements? Beloved, get well, she began to say.

“I’m not going to Google on how to travel on a FAB flight, do you know why? When I go to Egypt, France, United States, South Africa, Northern Ireland, Argentina, Ireland, England, Austria, Hungary, Spain, Portugal, Mexico, Germany, Netherlands, Thailand, Denmark, Sweden, I want to go to other countries. Paying with money, I don’t hit. I leave it to you to depend on the president’s wife, ”Karioca concluded.


Last week Ariana shared a photo on her Instagram profile and praised her sincerity. Famous It played with its natural curves and resisted the diversity of bodies When posing in a thong bikini.

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By karyoka subtitle Sent a message to Internet users who like to make defamatory comments.

“I have cellulite, stretch marks, laziness, but this is my body. So let me take care of it myself, right? They do not need to comment, I want to lose weight, send a message and comment on the network that my body is dirty. Take care of yourself [corpo] I will look into my case. Well? Are we going to stop being unnecessary on other people’s profiles? Amen? No editing or filtering! She said.

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