Argos airs first Christmas 2020 ad featuring Gary Barlow and iconic catalog

Argos airs first Christmas 2020 ad featuring Gary Barlow and iconic catalog

High Street Retailer Argos is the first major store to release an ad for Christmas 2020.

In recent times TV commercials have become the staple food of the festive season and retailers are struggling to deliver the most amazing and heartwarming campaigns to attract customers.

This year is no different, with Argos Gary Barlow doing their ‘magical’ new ad: to soundtrack with Abraca Daisy and The Incredible Lucy.

The ad starts with a throwback to the store’s iconic catalog.

Argos chose a magical theme for their 2020 Christmas ad

Sisters Lucy and Daisy receive a magic set after circling the prize in the famous Argos catalog

Two sisters, Lucy and Daisy, flow into the ‘Book of Dreams’ and wrap up a magic set they hope to find under their tree on December 25th.

The ad shrinks to the big day when the sisters do a set for relatives in their front room.

As the set continues, the girls produce chopped peas from a bucket and call a flying machine before turning their house into an overcrowded theater and their tricks become more and more stunning.

Without a beautiful dog it would not be Christmas

On Christmas Day, girls can be seen plotting for relatives

When the Book of Dreams reappears, the girls applaud and cheer as their enthusiastic audience receives respect.

Gary Barlow’s toe-tapping new single is incredible drama throughout the ad.

Explaining the message behind the campaign, Argos chiefs said families were now waiting for an escape more than ever.

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The catalog is back

The family’s living room is transformed into the spacious theater of the Surreal Campaign

Rob Quartermain, senior campaign manager for Argos, said: “Many of these families are trying to escape after a challenging year.

“Our magic show highlights how to make a special memory for a simple gift. As the tricks get bigger, Lucy and Daisy dream big and, like Magic, we see more people in their family enjoying the show with them.

“Argos is one of the largest online retailers in the UK, but the magic of spreading current ideas in the Christmas Gift Guide is that our customers love it and set us apart from others.

Argos officials said families are waiting for an escape this year

“Whether you’re looking for inspiration on your mobile or tablet or in our” Dreams Book “, Argos is the place to give the Christmas magic you need.”

Yan Elliott, Executive Creative Director, The & Partnership, said: “This year, we all felt that we needed a little bit of magic to lift our spirits and make this Christmas a wonderful one.

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