Argentine Public Ministry Prepares to Arrest Vice President Cristina Kirchner – News

Ministério Público da Argentina deve pedir a prisão da vice-presidente Cristina Kirchner

The Public Ministry is preparing this Monday (22) for Argentina’s Vice President Cristina Kirchner to be sentenced to prison for corruption during the country’s presidency (2007-2015), a sentence that could revoke her political rights if confirmed. .

Attorney Sergio Mola began the ninth and final argument of the prosecution’s allegations, going over the details of the case in which more than 100 witnesses testified.

Mola opined that the accused had concocted a scheme intended to defraud the state through “discretion in the allocation of funds”.

The trial, which began in May 2019, is investigating whether there was targeting and overpricing of public works concessions in Santa Cruz province, the political birthplace of the Kirchners.

During the hearings, which those involved watched from afar, the Public Ministry declared Kirchner the leader of an illegal association and accused him of fraud against the state, a crime punishable by up to 16 years in prison.

The Penal Code establishes that anyone convicted of these offenses shall be disqualified from holding public office. For this, the conviction must be approved by the higher courts.

After the MP’s indictment is finalised, the defense has ten working days to present its defense to the 13 accused, which could take months. The verdict should be announced before the end of the year.

The public ministry accuses the vice president of leading an “unlawful association” to defraud the state through crimes that began during the presidency of her husband Nestor Kirchner (2003-2007), who died in 2010.

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The FIU (Financial Information Unit) had deemed it irresponsible to proceed with the charge sheet, rejecting the public ministry’s arguments about the existence of the crimes of fraudulent administration and illegal collusion.

This Sunday (21), a public letter signed by more than 500 mayors expressed their support for Kirchner, whom they consider a “victim of judicial torture”.

Representatives of the ruling Frente de Todos released a declaration of support for Kirchner, the president of the Senate, and a petition published in newspapers this Monday, signed by key political and cultural figures.

The 69-year-old vice president has been able to overcome several dismissed lawsuits for alleged crimes committed during her two presidential terms (2007-2015), but she still faces five trials.

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