Argentine president cancels foreign trips to prevent Cristina Kirchner from taking office | The world

Argentine president cancels foreign trips to prevent Cristina Kirchner from taking office |  The world

As Argentina In the midst of an institutional crisis caused by a power shortage Mass resignation Ordered by your deputy, Christina Kirchner, President Alberto Fernandez In his absence, the deputy decided to cancel a planned trip to Mexico this Friday (17) to prevent him from taking office. “I do not control the president, I do Election result“, Christina defended Kirchner.

The Argentine government suffered a heavy election defeat in this Sunday’s legislative preview

Argentine President Alberto Fernandes is scheduled to leave for Mexico this Friday (17) afternoon, where he will spend the weekend, traveling from there to New York, in person, to attend the Assembly of Nations United. Tuesday (21). However, both trips were canceled due to the institutional crisis experienced by the government.

“The president has suspended his foreign trip,” official Argentine Press sources confirmed.

The trip to Mexico was to attend the Summit of Latin America and the Caribbean (CELAC). Argentina wants to chair this forum. However, the speech in the UN Assembly will be virtual. Alberto Fernandez does not want to leave the government under the control of Christina Kirchner. When he is not in the country, the president will use his deputy for power, with whom the president will wage a political battle for power.

Christina Kirchner A minister who changes the direction of the government demands reform and wants the finance minister to adopt an expansionary economic policy to increase public spending until the November 14 Assembly elections.The basis for the government’s political plans to control the Congress. Alberto Fernandes was willing to postpone changes in ministries until after the election, but, given the crisis, Now its government is forced to reform its team.

“The resignation is causing serious damage to the government. It reveals a vice president who ordered the submission of a letter to the president published by Christina Kirchner. The president is under scrutiny. The political situation is dramatic,” the political analyst told RFI. Nelson Castro.

It is not I who controls the president, it is the election resultChristina Kirchner claimed in an open letter published in the last hours.

The vice president was referring to the defeat in last Sunday’s primary election. The extent of the defeat undermines the government’s goal of controlling Congress and failing to recognize the tenure of President Alberto Fernandes. The primary election is irreversible in anticipation of the outcome of the November election.

In a lengthy letter, Christina Kirchner blames Alberto Fernandez for “the unprecedented electoral defeat of Peronism” and decides what to do.

“I have always revealed to the President what has created a delicate social situation for me. He was pursuing a wrong economic adjustment policy that could have electoral repercussions.“, He blames.” I’m tired of saying, I ‘m always wrong, “she says.”

“After such a defeat, do you really believe that the resignation need not be made public?”, He asks. “The president should resume his government and sit with his finance minister to review the figures“, It indicates.

Prior to the letter, the president posted on social media that Alberto Fernandes was “not in time to expose disputes.”

However, when confronted with the resignation, Alberto Fernandes prepared for a ministerial reform and announced a package of economic measures aimed at increasing the purchasing power of the lower and lower-middle classes. Like his own. Wise wants.

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