Are telephones leaking to us? They know what we’ve talking about, why we get ads and how to block it

Are telephones leaking to us?  They know what we've talking about, why we get ads and how to block it

Have you ever had to talk to someone or ask about a particular product you want to buy, so you can get on the phone very quickly during the day? Advertising For that or something similar?

If you answered yes, you are likely to think that this is yours Smartphone Leak …

However, the reality is a bit different, the truth is that you don’t have to do anything like that because there are so many easy ways to get the information you need.

In most cases, smartphone users submit this information manually.

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In the following, we will look at the ways in which smartphones collect user data and give two of the most common examples of how the whole system works.

Leak the phones

Most of us have a laid back attitude when it comes to painting a picture about ourselves Application. We usually do this when programs allow us to access certain functions or enable cookies to track our online activity. These cookies also have the function of remembering the details of the interaction on a given page, for example, it will save your login information so that you can login / login next time without login.

There are also different third-party cookies created by domains outside the page you are visiting. These are mostly advertising companies that collaborate with these sites and applications. They give them access to the data they collect (you allow them to access it by clicking on the pop-up window).

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Advertisers create your profile, which contains information about your routine, i.e. How you behave on the Internet and at a given site or service, what you want, what you are looking for, what you see, what you click on, and so on. These companies are constantly trying to evaluate how their products are quoted and how their position varies based on factors such as age, gender, height, weight, job, hobby and other user data.

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By sorting and grouping this data, advertisers optimize their algorithm for what they call “targeted recommended systems”, which allows them to accurately advertise each user, although in most cases they do not know who you are. Your real name, surname or some other personal information.

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Computers work in the “background”

Many machine learning techniques of Artificial Intelligence help the system to filter and analyze your data. The RL agent (machine learning type of reinforcement learning) will train himself to understand what is “required” based on the feedback received from the user’s intervention.

When you see or click the Like button on any post, you send the RL agent a “reward” signal confirming that you are interested in that post or author. Whichever way you turn, information about your interests and efforts will be sent to the RL agent. If you actively indicate something you like, the system will recognize it and send you ads from companies offering similar product or content.

Advertising recommendations may be based on other information, including but not limited to:

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Other ads you clicked on

Personal information that you share with the Platform (such as age, email address, gender, location, device you use to access that Platform …) and information that other advertisers or marketing partners already have with you in their registry. Special pages and groups that you like. AIgorithms can help advertisers build your presence on social media, as well as determine the people with whom you interact the most. Contacts or interests in them. They not only use ads to target you, they also use the information of your friends and family to provide ads that usually go to them.

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For example, Facebook can suggest something your friend bought that is common to you and him.

While applications should provide clear terms of use and rules for collecting user data, you should be careful about which program you grant access to (such as location, camera, contacts, gallery, etc.).

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Follow Logic, if you need a weather forecast app, you need to enable its location so that it knows where you are, and the WhatsApp app needs access to the camera and microphone to use it. Send and receive voice messages, audio or video calls. Logical

Don’t want to predict?

The simplest solution to how to limit lost data from you is to control which apps are on your phone and disable their permissions. If possible, avoid accepting cookies, and most importantly – do not log into your social media accounts through unreliable websites and services. If you really need to, it’s a good idea to have a backup email to sign up for.

Using a VPN on your devices is also a great idea, as some web browsers already have this option built-in! This will hide your IP address and encrypt your online activity.

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If you still think your phone is leaking, you can try disabling microphone access to your own applications, and then you need to speak clearly and loudly about a product you have never mentioned or searched for on the Internet. .

Repeat this process several times, if after a few days you do not receive the ad for that product, it means that the phone is not leaking to you, because there are many easy ways to get the required information.

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Lastly – if your phone is recording in the background, ie. If an app really hears what you say or records it in the background, Android and iPhone will tell you with dots on the screen – what that means, see the story in our recently submitted news feature.


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