Are results more important than entertainment?

Are results more important than entertainment?

The South Africa-Lions series has given it a strong place: Will it make sense when rugby matches are won? Speech from the October 2021 issue

Comparison: Are results more important than entertainment?

Brendan Inn
Yes, says the South African freelance rugby journalist

Yes, yes and 1000 more, yes.

Falling into the area of ​​wanting entertainment is easy, but sports is fun. The key is to succeed. Sure, there are moments to enjoy, you will remember for a long time, but the only thing that matters is whether or not you come home with the trophy.

This applies to any sport, be it English football players or British and Irish lions. We can sit and talk until the cows come home, but there is no list of notes in the history books.

New Zealand have been in a state of depression since drawing the Lions series in 2017, and when you see thumbs pumping top players and coaching players in this year’s Lions series, you can not find more complaints in South Africa. Because it is important to be on the right side of the board.

Alistair tried to enjoy Coates’ springbox and enjoyed the numerous attacking players in their lineup. They lost to England and Italy and scored 57 points against New Zealand. What Razi Erasmus and Jack Nyanbar did with the box turned them into a brutal machine and decided to score. While others play boring rugby, the box wins. They also make their fans happy.

Neil (MB Media / Getty Images) says that all South African fans want to see their team win trophies.

Is rugby boring? Everything is in the eye of the beholder. In the Lions series, all of Springbox’s attempts are recorded from the surface: the Lions’ efforts are derived from successes.

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Box firmly believes in acquiring the right to expand. They know that opposing teams are less likely to intimidate them because they have a stronger group. Along with the best defense system in world rugby, it has become very difficult to overcome.

Yes, everyone wants to see players making every effort to beat one another. But we have seven for this. The box has the World Cup and the Lions series in their closet. Do you really think he cares about labeling as boring?

Stuart Barnes
No, says the former British analyst and journalist

Name the most successful team in the history of professional football. Clearly New Zealand. The World Cup is a relatively fleeting moment with “three” wins, but their victory: the defeat ratio is one of the most remarkable manifestations of global dominance in world sports.

Name the most interesting international team in the world. Yes, back to New Zealand. Success for the All Blacks may be “everything”, but the way they play is more than “everything”. Long-faced, tough fans may not like it, but All Blacks is great the reason They are focused on entertainment, are quick magicians, and find it difficult to quit their jobs.

I understand that Saturday Night Light Entertainment gives e-Walk a bad reputation, but these days rugby is professional, and someone needs to increase the cost. Can you imagine how high-profile television sports this game will be if the latest Lions series continues to show stupidity? The 21st century is full of sight options.

Yes, that series was about winning at any cost. Mainly a compact environment for gamers. On the dawn of history, when I play for the bath, as long as we win, we don’t care what others think … the fans don’t care how we win.

New Zealand is the most interesting rugby country on earth … the best in a row (Getty Images)

But it was his moment, the game was amateurish. Now, professional, happy tribesmen who fall into broken dirt will not support a sport that struggles to build a pack.

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Neutrals can’t continue to love most of the ugliness in the offer. See the number decreasing. “Success is everything” is an old saying. Try to see New Zealand without worrying about who will win. That’s fun. It is also the only bright future for professional rugby.

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The discussion first appeared in the October 2021 issue of Rugby World.

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