Arctic Wendy: Atanasio remains in the lead, with Wares giving up

Arctic Wendy: Atanasio remains in the lead, with Wares giving up

He was ahead at the end of the first night of racing, and he was still there at the end of the first day. After 478 miles (885 km), Romain Atanasio (Fortnet-Best Western) took first place in the Wendy’s Arctic (this solo race with competitors circling Iceland) at 7:00 p.m. The soon-to-be 45-year-old captain has taken an option a little further north than the rest of the fleet, and it is seeing results, at least for a short time. But while most of the competitors are on par with the breast latitude of western Ireland, the standing position is very tight as the first ten are just under ten miles.And while waiting for the threshold for high pressure, it will slow down all the monohalls overnight.

Weöres n’a distributes paspu

During this Arctic Wendy, note the first retirement of the Sabolcus virus. The Hungarian captain had to turn towards Les Sables de Olon at night and he could not go. “Before we started we had hydraulic problems. I started thinking I could fix them, but I could not.. I decided to return to the port of Les Sables de Olon to have the hydraulic experts assess the damage. This system has not been updated since the last Wendy Globe, it is very old. We may need spare parts, “said Sabie, the racing skipper.”

Sailing / Arctic Wendy
2022 Monday 13 June – Ranking at 7:00 pm
1- Romain Atanasio (Fortinet-Best Western) 3,330 miles from finish
1.3 miles from Antoine Corniche (EBAC Literary) Leader
3- Isabelle Joshke (MACSF) at 1.8
4- Charlie Dalin (Apivia) 6.1
5- Benjamin Deutrox (Goat Environment Water Family) à 7

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Photo Credit: Andre Carmo

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