ARCTIC MX-5 thermal compound with carbon microparticles

ARCTIC MX-5 thermal compound with carbon microparticles

Viscosity should ensure easy application 1 min. Read


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Build: Arctic

Introduced ARCTIC MX-5 Thermal Compound. The newly developed paste should ensure suitable thermal properties and reliable heat dissipation for a long time.

Arctic MX-5, like other thermal pastes from the Arctic, Completely non-metallic. The main advantage is the paste Not conductor or capacity So it is especially safe to use. A short circuit, discharges or damage are avoided depending on the manufacturer. Thanks Low viscosity It should be very easy to apply. The paste is evenly distributed in the CPU on the thin film by the contact pressure of the heat sink. Along with thermal conductivity, this results in lower thermal resistance, which can lead to improved service life and processor performance.

Build: Arctic

Used MX-5 Carbon microparticles As a filler, it will fill in the small gaps in the heat sinks and heat spreaders and thus improve the heat transfer from the component to the heat sink. It is compatible with all CPUs and GPUs on PCs, laptops or consoles, and in general power waste hot ICs and power semiconductor components. The new Arctic MX-5 thermal compound is now available Five different sizes, With or without a spatula 7.49 Euros Available. You can definitely use thermal paste on CPU coolers Arctic Freezer 50 (Test) Or an AiO like that Arctic Liquid Freezer II 420 (Test).

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