Arctic exploration: “The slope of irreversible global warming may already be over” Environment

Arctic exploration: "The slope of irreversible global warming may already be over"  Environment

We may have already gone through a phase of irreversible global warming. This was warned by the German head of a major scientific expedition to the North Pole.

Only an assessment of the coming years will show whether the current Arctic pack ice can still be preserved throughout the year. Has it reached a critical stage in the climate system, ”said Marcus Rex of Berlin, eight months after the return of the international mission to the North Pole.

The disappearance of Arctic summer ice is the first of its kind in the minefield. This is one of the first tipping points when it comes to global warming, ”he told a news conference.

Rex warned that if we exceed the tipping point, it will cause a cascade effect. This could lead to the disappearance of the Greenland ice sheet or the removal of large areas of Arctic permafrost. Old glaciers are also in danger.

When icebreaker Polarstein returned to his home port of Bremerhaven in northwestern Germany on October 12, the alarm went off as the pack ice melted rapidly.

Over the course of 389 days, international teams of explorers studied the atmosphere, oceans, pack ice, and habitat.

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