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The Indian won this year’s award for best design apps sold through the Apple App Store. The app of the musician from India was approved. The Apple Design Award went to 12 developers from around the world this year. Sandeep Ranade’s music app NaadSadhana from India also won this year’s award. Nadhsadhana is a studio quality music app. This app is said to be useful for any kind of talented musicians. The app, which started for Indian classical music, was later expanded to appeal to those who want to sing more songs.

∙ Nadsadhana

The instrument, which incorporates artificial intelligence and core machine learning, understands and responds in real time to the changes a singer makes while singing a song. Another line of song is played as an example to convey the accuracy of the melody. All this is happening live. Sandeep, who attended Apple’s World Wide Developers Conference for the first time two years ago, said the App Design Awards ceremony felt like an Oscar ceremony for him and he had never dreamed of receiving such an award.

He said it was a great honor for him to be a software engineer. Sandeep says that getting respect for an app about Indian music and culture makes it a brighter moment. If you want to use the paid app Nadsadhana for one year, you have to pay Rs 3449. 419 / – per month or Rs. 1049 / – every three months.

പുതിയ New design for iCloud Mail on the web

The company has announced a new design for users of Apple’s email, iCloud Mail, using a web browser. It is currently in beta and is currently available on MacOS Big Zer.

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Vaccinated people can enter the Apple Store without a mask

The company said that from next week, all those who have been vaccinated will be able to access the Apple Store without a mask. At the same time, the company said that Apple staff in the store will not be allowed to leave the mask. Apple was one of the first companies to close stores when the coronavirus spread. Companies such as Starbucks Corp, Walmart and Trader Joe have also made concessions on the use of masks.

Chip shortage: Galaxy S21 FE phone discontinued

The company has announced that it has stopped production of the Galaxy S21FE, or Fan Edition, one of Samsung’s mid-range phones, citing a possible global smartphone chip shortage. This is the latest example of a deteriorating semiconductor shortage globally. Production of the Galaxy S21F was halted due to a shortage of Qualcomm applications processors. However, the company did not respond to a request for comment. At the same time, the company indicated that it was reeling from a global processor shortage. The company also announced that the launch of the S21FE has been postponed. It is known that the chip crisis is unlikely to be resolved anytime soon.

Google Pixel 4A is available for Rs 26,999

Pixel 4A, Google’s cheapest handset on Flipkart, is now available for Rs 26,999. The MRP of the phone is Rs 31,999. Offer up to Rs 15,300 through exchange.

ജോല 12 euros per hour for Amazon employees in Germany

It was decided to pay the lowest working people on Amazon in Germany 12 euros (approximately $ 15) per hour. Germany is one of Amazon’s largest markets after the United States. The current minimum wage is 11.30 euros. This is the lowest wage in Germany, at more than 9.50 euros per hour. In addition, Amazon is offering employees more than 12 euros in many locations. Amazon’s global value is $ 1.6 trillion.

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Introduced by Netflix Online Store

Netflix, a popular content streaming service, has also launched its own online store. This way you will be able to sell carefully selected, high quality clothing and lifestyle products. The sale will feature clothing made from the various series and shows on Netflix. The company said it currently sells only in the United States but will expand its service to other countries in the coming months. At the same time, Netflix has licensed many products to be sold through retailers such as Walmart and Amazon.

English Summary: Indian singer Sandeep Ranades’ music application Nadsadhana wins Apple Design Award

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