Apple will build a new data center in Ireland

apple datacenter irlanda

Although the plan now seems to have faded, Apple has officially officially resumed operations at its data center in Ireland.

In 2018, Apple announced that it had abandoned plans to build Data Center in Ireland, Due to the protest of the citizens of the city of Atherni. All hope seems to have been lost now, but now it seems That’s it The project resumed on time After Sounds For the past few weeks. In fact, Apple has requested and received a five-year extension of its building permit, stating that it intends to Build a data center By 2026.

Apple announces 1. 1.7 billion investment in 2015 to build two data centers in Europe One in Denmark Inaugurated a year ago, another in Ireland. Each would cover an area of ‚Äč‚Äčabout 166,000 square meters, but the problems that arose in Ireland slowed down first and then stopped work altogether. It combines two online services and two data centers across Europe, including the iTunes Store, App Store, iMessage, Apple Maps and Siri.

In the case of Ireland, after the completion of the works, a small number of residents filed several complaints to stop the works due to various concerns about the environment and living conditions in the city of Attorney. Apple answered all the questions, and government inspectors gave the green light to the project. Subsequent complaints prompted Apple to change its mind and suspend all projects, but now the situation seems to be resolved.


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