Apple will be the biggest customer of Google Cloud

Apple will be the biggest customer of Google Cloud

Apple’s data hosting needs are huge, and so many manufacturers are Google Cloud’s largest customers (internally, Apple is also called “Bigfoot”!). Accordingly Information, Apple’s demand for Google servers has increased by 50% over the past year: in the Google cloud, the manufacturer is heading for 8 exabytes of data (8,000,000,000 GB if I have not always cheated on the possible conversion).

Apple’s data center in Des Moines, Iowa. Picture: Apple.

A volume comparable to ByteDance, the publisher of TickTalk, which handles 500 petabytes (500,000,000 GB), it is the second largest customer of the Google hosting service. Apple spends $ 300 million a year managing this huge data bundle, and that’s the only key – Google can understand nothing.

Apple does not rely solely on the basics of Google Cloud: Apple also operates on AWS, Amazon’s hosting subsidiary, and is one of its largest customers. Sure, the manufacturer is growing its own data centers around the world, but it can’t be done quickly without the help of providers. This is explained in the passing Data center The Irish are rising from the ground after the first cancellation.

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