Apple Watch SE First Impressions

Apple Watch SE First Impressions

Right now, you definitely want to wait for our full Apple Watch SE review, but as far as the first impressions go, the SE is pretty strong. I really enjoyed spending the last year or so on wearing the Series 5 – the processing power of the Apple Watch for the last few years alone means that you don’t have to worry about stops, starts and floods. The whole experience feels so consistent now that you couldn’t tell in the first few days.

So far, the Apple Watch SE has felt so fast that it certainly makes sense as it shares its brains with the Series 5. In other words, until recently – you can expect performance accordingly. Apple’s flagship wearable. I did not have long enough time to fully test the battery life of the SE, but when the Series 5 launched I easily got a full day of use, and the SE lasted a while as it was not always there- no worries on the display.

It’s not bad for $ 280, though last year’s Series 5 occasionally sold for $ 300. If you see one of such deals, you may want to jump into it instead. I personally would choose Series 5 myself, but I’m probably biased: before this year, 2020, before it started to go down the drain, I had an atrial flutter strike from nowhere, only thanks to the series I went to an emergency room and clearly understood everything through the ECG app’s slight concern. Since then, I’m glad the new wearables like Samsung’s latest Galaxy Watch have adopted similar features, and Apple had to cut back here to help but be a little disappointed.

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If you already have tabs in your heart (or are not particularly confused about it), it can be difficult I do not know To recommend SE. Over the past few years, Apple has introduced health-focused features such as drop detection, alerts for excessive ambient sound, and ECG-based heart rate monitoring. If nothing else, Watch SE is the best entry point for all the new features available in Watch OS7.

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