Apple wants to disable passwords

Apple wants to disable passwords

Going Apple, Should Passwords Soon it will be history. This means that the US Group will be joining Google and Microsoft in the future without a password. Apple unveils new authentication technology at WWDC Developer Conference PASSIONSIt can already be used on iOS 15 and MacOS Monterey. It is based on Web-Own-Standard Des World Wide Web Consortium (W3C).

Apple shows how the solution works

In a developer session on WWDC Apple was shown how the system works. Passwords are managed by a keychain system application that was previously responsible for managing, protecting, and managing passwords. If you need to create an account for a website or application, this will be possible in the future with PASKIES. You specify only one username. Creates a two-part authentication key in the system background that you can now use to login with FaceID.

According to Apple, everything works in the same way that your own account is linked to a public key. Instead of asking for a password, the app’s server or website checks to see if the user actually has access to this person. Verification is done via digital signature, which generates a private key on the device. This key cannot be read and will not be sent with the process.

Benefits through passwords

The company sees the fact that the private key does not even leave the associated Apple device as a big advantage over traditional passwords. Other vulnerable points, such as insecure or multiple use passwords, can also be blocked. By linking to it Face ID And Keychain The solution should be not only safe, but especially user friendly. By connecting to iCloud PassCase login data is available on all Apple devices.

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As Apple has pointed out, the implementation of the technology is still in its infancy. Developers are required to provide their feedback on the implementation of PASKIs in their applications or websites. This is because the solution only works if the new interface is supported. Apple pointed out an existing problem in the presentation itself. Pasqui is currently intended for MacOS and iOS only. Android and Windows users are abandoned at the outset.

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