Apple: Tax strategies cost the EU billions of euros

Apple: Tax strategies cost the EU billions of euros

The miracle came in 2015 on the national accounts of the island state of Ireland. GDP was surprisingly large, more than a quarter of what was expected Official statistics. Dublin had closed tax loopholes that Apple had long used. The iPhone maker later changed the corporate structure in Ireland, and some corporate values ‚Äč‚Äčlater appeared on the Irish balance sheet – which caused a miracle in Ireland’s GDP.

But Apple continues to cheat, a new report shows. Accordingly, through Apple’s other Ireland strategies, EU countries evaded between four and 21 billion euros in taxes between 2015 and 2017. There will be a Left Party in the European Parliament.

Big public companies like Apple need to disclose a lot of data, but not all. For example, it is not clear how many iPhones the group sells in the EU. Only figures for all sales outside the US. Apple’s gross foreign exchange earnings In 2017 About 44.7 billion euros. The authors of the report are trying to estimate how much of this will be due to EU countries. To do this, they exclude countries such as Russia and China and take into account the company’s costs for research, development and other things.

After all: nine percent instead of 0.005 percent

Apple’s revenue in the EU from 2015 to 2017 is estimated at around .2 35.2 billion. This figure is important because it relates to Apple’s tax payments in EU countries. The basis is an estimated tax rate from Apple.

Despite the reforms in Ireland, it is very small: Apple levies a tax of two to nine percent on its European profits, the authors estimate. The range is very wide as they have to make a lot of assumptions.

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However, these new figures are much higher than the value of 2014 before the change in the law. The European Union (EU) has accused Apple of paying only 0.005 percent of its taxes at the time. At a profit of one million euros, it’s just 50 euros to the tax office. But nine percent is much lower than what German docs companies pay, for example. Their tax rate is usually 20 to 25 percent.

This annoys critics of Apple’s tax system. “Our study shows that Apple is still cutting taxes like a champion,” said Martin Shirdevan, of the Left Party, which represents his group in a special panel of the European Parliament that deals with tax evasion and tax evasion. “It also shows that the reforms undertaken by the Irish government were only smoke and mirrors.”

MEPs want to publicly question Apple CEO Tim Cook. However, the group declined to appear because the company “pays all taxes on it”. In addition, Apple does not want to undermine opposition to billions of dollars in additional payments: the EU Commission has ruled that before 2015 Apple had been illegally aided by Ireland and had demanded as little as 13 billion in taxes. Proceedings before the European Court of Justice have not yet been completed.

Apple does not usually comment on number games like those of the report authors. The 2015 upgrade has something to do with thisThe group wants to pay taxes in its home country of the USA. Apple also paid billions in taxes there.

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