Apple points out flaw that makes iPhone too fast

Apple points out flaw that makes iPhone too fast

iPhone is one of the smartphones that is considered to be durable over time. However, phone habits and misuse can cause your iPhone to get damaged faster than ever. According to Apple, below are the most common mistakes that users make while using the iPhone.

1. Still wearing the case while charging

Apple says removing the case from your iPhone before charging can help extend the device’s battery life.

Removing the case from your iPhone before charging can help extend the device’s battery life (Image: Hollis Johnson/Business Insider)

Accordingly, some case models may generate residual heat, affecting the device’s battery capacity. This can happen due to the thickness of the case or the material of the case pattern.

For example, materials like leather provide better electrical insulation than silicon, making your iPhone more likely to overheat while charging.

Theo Apple: “If you notice your devices getting hot while charging, remove them from the case quickly“.

2. Using the machine when it is too hot

Extreme heat can take its toll on smartphones – and Apple’s expensive iPhones are no exception. Apple explains: “Low and high temperatures can also affect the device“.

Apple pointed out the fault that caused the iPhone to fail so quickly - photo 2.

“Using an iOS device in extreme heat can permanently reduce battery life,” says a post on Apple’s support site (Image: Shutterstock)

According to the tech giant, the ideal temperature for the iPhone is between 62 and 72 F (about 16.6 – 22 degrees Celsius). Cold temperatures can cause a temporary reduction in battery life. But high temperature can shorten the battery life of your device.

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On hot days, it’s easy for iPhones to exceed normal operating temperatures. In the meantime, Apple has some specific warnings about what you should definitely not do with your iPhone:

– Do not leave the device in the car on a hot day

– Do not leave the device in direct sunlight for a long time

– Do not use certain features such as GPS tracking or navigation in a car, graphics-heavy games or augmented reality applications for long periods of time in hot or direct sunlight.

To avoid accidents, even on cool days, don’t put your iPhone in tight places like under your bed sheet or in your pocket.

Also, if your phone feels warm, stop using it — or turn it off. Avoid using heavy applications for long periods of time. This is especially important for gamers as high graphics games can cause the phone’s processor to heat up very quickly.

3. Forgot to use “low power mode”.

To reduce power usage to extend battery life, select ‘Low Power Mode’“, Theo Apple.

Activating Low Power Mode disables certain battery-draining features on your iPhone. For example, limit the running of applications in the background and limit data refresh to save energy consumption.

Apple pointed out the fault that caused the iPhone to fail so quickly - Photo 3.

Using “Low Power Mode” improves iPhone battery life and longevity (Image: Apple)

According to the information recorded on the official Apple homepage. These background cuts will be disabled when the user turns off the mod or if the devices battery level is equal to or greater than 80%.

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To enable Low Power Mode, go to Settings > Battery and enable the option.

4. Do not use “auto brightness” mode

Many people like to keep the phone screen at its maximum – but the reality is that the screen brightness should not always be set at a high level. For example, strong light from the phone can affect the eyes in dark places or at night.

Also, the brighter the phone screen, the faster the battery life.

Apple pointed out the fault that caused the iPhone to fail so quickly - Photo 4.

The “auto brightness” mode can significantly improve the device’s battery life over time (Image: Getty Images)

So consider turning on Apple’s “auto-brightness” feature, which adjusts screen brightness based on ambient light wherever you are. This feature can greatly improve your device’s battery life over time, and is an easy way to automatically adjust the brightness to the right level.

To enable auto-brightness, go to arrangement > Accessibility > Display & Font Size and enable this option.

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