Apple News Delivered: New Color iMac, Tracker, Invisible iPhone

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Although traditionally the most important Apple device launch has been in the fall, the company made unusually big news at its first event yesterday this year. Updated iMac desktops, next-generation iPod tablets, the long-awaited Airtag and other news saw the light of day. Bitte Profi told the media about the news of Apple’s spring event.

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“At the first event of this year, Apple focused on the iMac desktop computer. After a gap of seven years, the company has introduced a new model that no longer has an Intel processor. The iPod Pro Line has also changed a lot – their power is finally equal to that of computers. The “Spring” Purple iPhone 12 and iPhone 12 Mini models were also unveiled at the event. Designed to attach to a variety of items, the long-awaited airtag tracker has become a surprise to fans – making it even easier to locate lost items, ”says Carolis Epiliasquez, an expert on Bito’s smart devices.

The iPod Pro is like a computer

The new 11-inch (approximately 28 cm) and 12.9-inch (approximately 33 cm) iPod Pro computers unveiled yesterday are indistinguishable from their predecessors. Apple introduced 5G technology and USB-C (Thunderbolt 4) support, and continues to choose an angle aluminum case. The only difference is that in the larger model it became half a millimeter thick. The reason for this change is the display of completely new mini-LED technology.

“The main advantage of this solution is that the screen does not illuminate evenly, but is divided into thousands of smaller areas, the brightness of which can be adjusted independently. This will deepen the darker tones, make the contrast more intense and the colors brighter, ”explains the specialist. He says viewers of high quality movies or series will appreciate the benefits of the new screen, which will no longer reveal subtle details and shadows. Unfortunately, only owners of large iPod Pros can experience this – the screen of the 11-inch (approximately 28 cm) model remains the same as its predecessor.

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IPod Pro tablets have a powerful M1 processor, which has been installed on the Max since last year. Newer tablets can handle even the most complex tasks, such as editing videos, creating complex graphics, or running multiple programs at once. Apple has also improved the front camera of the iPod Pro, which can now track someone on the move and diversify video calls. The new integrated microphones with the camera allow you to create professional video reports without the need for additional accessories.

Colorful Imax with the spice of nostalgia

This is the seventh year in a row that the iMac has been designed, so the company changed it. One of the most notable differences is the five body color variants, which have so far replaced silver. Buyers can now collect yellow, orange, pink, purple and blue. The beautiful spice of nostalgia is that the color palette echoes the design icon, the iMac G3, which reappeared in 1998.

“The design of the new iMac has also changed: the computer now being offered to users has a 24-inch (approximately 61cm) diagonal screen with thin edges. Says K. Epiliascus.

Intel chips are no longer within the iMac, and new desktop PCs made their debut on the MacBook and Mac Mini lines last year with the integration of the M1 chip, and the new iMac gained 85 percent. Faster than its predecessor. Apple’s own processor is already known for its low power consumption. BitProfession is confident that this component will allow the iMac to run much faster, turn on faster, and be quieter, as the M1 chip emits less heat and does not require much cold work.

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The new iMac comes with a full HD resolution camera with a large sensor. This update is especially needed to allow interlocutors to see the best picture between video calls. Apple Keyboard has also updated the computer keyboard with a special button for Touch ID and Spotlight search. Apple will also be offering a new Apple Magic Mouse that will match the colorful iMac cases.

An airtag tracker will rescue those who forget

Rumors of an item tracker developed by a US company have been circulating since 2019, but only yesterday the technology giant unveiled a round airtag add-on that makes it even easier to find lost items.

The air tag is very small and can be attached to a key, wallet, workbag or other important item. It differs from other trackers in that it uses not only Bluetooth but also a new UWB connection that provides new tracking accuracy. The airtag is also water resistant – it can sink to a depth of 1 meter (IP67) for 30 minutes. The tracker has a one-year battery that users can replace.

“The tracker’s functionality is very simple – the airtag makes contact with the user’s phone. When the connection is lost, a warning message appears on the screen, and the person can always see where the item is left in the My Find app. The phone will be brought into it, ”said the expert.

K. Epiliaskas cares that this inexpensive accessory probably won’t protect you from theft, but it does make the lives of distracted customers much easier.

New iPhone 12 color and more comfortable Apple TV 4K remote control

Apple also introduced the Purple iPhone 12 and iPhone 12 Mini smartphones. So far, consumers have opted for white, black, green, red and blue. True, the iPhone 12 Pro devices have not yet been painted purple.

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Another updated device, the Apple TV 4K set-top box, incorporates the A12 bionic chip and a radically updated control panel design. The new device’s AirPlay feature supports higher HDR refresh rates when streaming video from an iPhone 12 Pro. You can see several new buttons on the Siri remote control – Physical On / Off Button and Mute Button. Apple says this remote storage is more convenient for users because of the solid aluminum case.

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