Apple (Ireland) win in European court over taxation of multinationals

Apple (Ireland) win in European court over taxation of multinationals

The Court Of European Justice Is Intervened On the subject of Tax Is on Multinational companies Canceling Inside Judgment Of First degree The Decision Of Commission EuropeanTax judgmentIrish a Pleasure Of Apple. according to Court, The The commission failed a To express Legally adequateExistence A Anti-competitive advantage, In accordance with Article 107 of the European Union Treaty. For Court, Apple Which is not Taxes will have to be repaid Is on Irish tax Each 13 billion Of the Euro.

The sentence that initially forced Cupertino to pay a record sum was in 2016 Turn the screw Of European Commission Is on Tax contracts In between The Multinational companies e Some countries Dell ‘EU. In the opinion of BrusselsIreland Was provided Advertising Apple a Unfair gain Respect Advertising Other companies, This allows Of To avoid In between 2003 And 2014 Taxes Each About 13 billion Euro, claims these State aid was formed Written byIreland.

Satisfied Of Judgment The Irish Government: «Ireland is always clear Which is not Provided Any special treatment Advertising Apple. L ‘Ireland He had appealed To Decision Of CommissionTechnology giant has to pay back 13 billion euros against EU fines Basis The fact that The country has not provided state assistance Today’s decision of the court supports that view. ‘

Chew bitter The The main hero Of each other, The European Commissioner To Competition (Vice President of the European Commission), Margaret Vestager Than Tax Is on Multinational companies Made a War horse: The We will study the verse carefully and decide on the next steps. There Today’s verdict Of The court quashed The Decision Of Commission Dell ‘August 2016 Ireland allowed Apple illegal state aid through selective tax breaks, ”he said Vestager Recall how the Commission’s decision affected both Tax Ordinances Issued dall ‘Ireland Inside Comparisons Of Apple, That is Determine it The Taxable income Of Two affiliates Irish apple In Ireland between 1991 and 2015. Following the verses, in 2011, for example Subsidiary Irish Of Apple Registered European profits Of 22 billion Of Dollars (Approximately 16 billion), but according to Tax legislation should only tax about 50 million people Inside Ireland.

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The second Vestager “The The Commission fully supports the goal That’s it Everything The Companies must have To close The Their fair share of taxes. I know The Grant of Member States a Some companies Multinational companies Tax benefits are not available I Their rivals, This is harmful The Fair competition Paddy ‘EU. It is costing the public money and the citizens of the required investment funds, and the need for it is even greater in times of crisis. ”

The Vice President Of Commission It adds Previous verses Of Tax Is on Multinational companies Come on Fiat Inside Luxembourg e Starbucks Inside Netherlands, “The Court He confirmed even though, Member States Have special jurisdiction to determine their direct tax rules, They should do it Inside Report Al EU law, Including The Rules Is on Help Of State. In addition, the General Court upheld the Commission’s approach to assessing whether an action had been chosen and whether transactions between the group companies were in line with EU state aid laws.The principle of free competition”⁇.

Vestager does not give up: “The The commission will continue a Check out the steps Planning Aggressive tax According to EU state aid laws to assess whether it will lead to illegal state aid. At the same time, theApplication Of Help Of The state must go In hand a Change Inside Business Philosophy And Okay Legislation Each Face to face The Gaps e Ensure transparency. We have already made a lot of progress at the national, European and global levels and we must continue to work together to succeed.

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How does this come out? of course You must arrive a European Agreement Therefore Tax Is on Multinational companies And Economic activities In general As attractive as possible, pointing to a Level That’s it Guarantee of tax revenue e Commercial competitiveness. A Solution Can be The Definition a Community level a Unit limit Of Tax Of Everything The Productive activities, Can be identified And 15% 20%, Gives Apply Everything ‘Indoor Of Everything The Member States.

Of course, theExisting Situation Who sees?Entrance Tax competition In between Member States Dell ‘Union European, With Location Of Benefit The gods Small states a Damage Of Large, It can no longer be tolerated. In solo Italian case, The Tax competition Costa Al Country a Loss of income About it 20 billion Per year.

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