Apple has removed the popular Quran app from the China App Store

Apple has removed the popular Quran app from the China App Store


Apple Delete Quranic application Popular in App Store China at the request of the local government. The app called Quran Majeed, which has 35 million users worldwide, is one of the most popular religious apps in China.

The removal of the Quran Majeed app from the Chinese App Store was first reported by a site called Apple Censorship, which monitors apps in the App Store globally. Currently the Quran Majeed app is still available in app stores and Google Play Store in other countries.

“According to Apple, our Quran Majeed app has been removed from the Chinese App Store because it contains illegal content,” said Majeed PDMS, a Quran app developer quoted by the BBC on Sunday (17/10/2021).

“We are working with China’s cyberspace administration and related Chinese authorities to resolve this issue.”

When questioned by the BBC, Apple declined to comment, citing “their human rights policy.”

But it is still unknown what laws the Quran Majeed app violated in China. Quran developer Majeed says there are currently one million users in China.

The Chinese government recognizes Islam as one of the world’s religions. But the bamboo curtain country has often been criticized for its treatment of Muslims, the Uyghur ethnic group, for human rights abuses.

The result Apple The application was removed at the request of the Chinese government, according to a New York Times report published in May. According to the report, Apple will remove apps that talk about sensitive issues such as Tiananmen Square, the spiritual group Falun Gong, the Dalai Lama, and the independence of Taiwan and Tibet.

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Connection Apple China is also more complex because the country is one of its largest markets. In addition, the maker of this iPhone also relies heavily on China, as most of its distribution network is based in that country.

Quran Majeed is not the only app that is being recalled in China. Microsoft recently shut down its LinkedIn service in China due to difficulties in complying with local government regulations.

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