Apple foresees difficulties and part with 100 recruiters

Apple foresees difficulties and part with 100 recruiters

It’s Apple’s turn to change its recruitment policy in the current economic climate. The Cupertino company has decided to lay off about 100 of its recruiters as it prepares to freeze their hiring.

Recruitment Staff

The workers affected by this decision are entrepreneurs, not employees, who use the Apple brand mainly for tasks such as technical support, customer service, product localization or improving Apple Maps. Despite everything, it is rare for Apple to resort to several layoffs at once. Finally in Ireland in 2019, hundreds of contract workers tasked with listening to Siri conversations to improve the product were laid off over concerns about user privacy.

In the same category

Apple wants to make Apple Watch and MacBook in Vietnam

As reported Bloomberg, recently laid off contractors were in charge of recruitment and were located in various locations around the world, from Texas to Singapore. They were told they would receive pay and medical benefits for two weeks, their badges were further deactivated and workers were told to email their inventory list if they wanted it returned.

The company’s decision means it wants to halt its hiring, while its second quarter in 2022 is mixed after several months of strong growth.

The technical sector is affected

While iPhone sales are up, Apple Watch and connected device sales have suffered due to the tough economy. Apple is still not in financial trouble as it made $19.4 billion in profits, but it is not enjoying the constant growth of previous years. However, it seems to have decided to come to terms with a reality that constant increases in sales are not guaranteed.

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Moreover, it is far from the only company in the tech world to adopt such practices. Meta, Microsoft, Google and Spotify have all announced they want to put the brakes on their recruitment. Other firms face more difficulties and have to decide to lay off their employees en masse. This is especially true for Unity, Coinbase, and Netflix. For his part, Elon Musk plans to lay off 10% of Tesla’s workforce. feeling bad About the global economy.

Apple CEO Tim Cook recently spoke about his company’s hiring policy: We believe in investing through recessions. So we will continue to hire people and invest in areas, but we do so while recognizing the realities of the environment. “, he announced.

Apple wants to bring its employees back to the office

In addition to laying off several recruiters, the Cupertino company also wants to impose a partial return to work on its employees. After several failed attempts, Apple has reportedly set a new deadline of September 5 for its employees to return to the office at least three days a week. Since 2021, company executives have repeatedly tried to lure workers back into their expensive offices; As a reminder, its headquarters, Apple Park, was completed in 2017 and is one of the most expensive buildings in the world.

So the Apple brand’s efforts have come under repeated criticism from its employees, a factor that prompted the departure of its former machine learning director earlier this year. Around the same time as his departure, a group of Apple employees wrote an open letter to company executives criticizing what they said were policies. Motivated by fear “. Now it remains to be seen whether a partial return to work will take place in good spirits in California.

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