Apple files lawsuit against Fortnight Knight developer Epic Games

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Updated: September 9, 2020 9:55:47 AM

Fortnight of Epic Games is the most popular video game worldwide.

The Apple vs Epic Games The legal battle is getting darker day by day. Tech giant Fortnight filed a lawsuit on Tuesday alleging that the game developer violated a contract with Apple and demanded an undisclosed amount of damages.

“Although Epic portrays itself as a modern corporate Robin Hood, it’s actually a billion dollar enterprise that does not have to pay anything for the sheer value it receives from the App Store,” Apple said in a lawsuit filed in district court. Northern District of California. “Epic litigation is nothing more than a fundamental disagreement about money.” Apple called the dynamics of Epic games “deliberate, shameful, and illegal.”

California-based Apple argues that Epic wants native access to devices provided by Apple, and that it’s worse, that it wants to extort money from others to gain access to Apple’s property and technology. The case alleges that Epic Games earned $ 600 million through the App Store.

Apple says the real goal of Epic Games is to get “special treatment” from Apple’s App Store rules. The company said that the Fortnight developer has gained access to tools, marketing opportunities and software, and most importantly access to Apple customers through the App Store.

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“Epic’s demand for special treatment and the cry of retaliation and its breach of contract cannot be reconciled with its own business practices because it takes commissions from sales of game developers and charges customers up to $ 99.99. V-Bucks, ”Apple said in a statement.

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Apple, Apple vs Epic Games, Epic Games, Apple Cursor Suite, Apple vs Epic Lawsuit, Fortnight, Epic Games vs Apple Fortnight is one of the most popular games on the planet with 350 million players.

The issue between Apple and Epic Games began on August 13, when the game developer began to use its own payment system within Fortnight, overcoming Apple’s standard 30 percent fee. In a moment, Fortnight has removed the popular Battle Royale game of epic games from the Apple Store. In response, Epic Games filed a lawsuit against the iPhone maker alleging that Apple’s App Store “monopoly” practices violated anti-trust rules. Later, Apple suspended Epic Games from accessing the App Store development tools.

Apple has announced that Fortnight will return to the App Store if Epic removes the direct payment feature. But Epic declined, respecting Apple’s request to “cooperate with Apple to maintain their monopoly on in-app payments.” iOS. ”.

The legal battle between Apple and Epic Games comes at a time when Apple is struggling with antitrust scrutiny by running the Apple Store. Apple claims that the App Store provides a platform for millions of developers to distribute their applications for free.

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