Apple did not promote it as it deserves. These are the most important hidden iOS 15 features

Apple did not promote it as it deserves. These are the most important hidden iOS 15 features

IOS 15 has a lot of different features and capabilities that make it fun to use. Although the features within the system have been announced, some of them are still hidden and not many people know how to use it.

In the iOS 15 announcement, Apple focused on new focus modes and new privacy options for monitoring apps, which many thought would not provide the system with a big update.

So here are the most important hidden iOS 15 features that Apple does not speak and deserves.

– Return to the old design in Safari with the new address bar
– Safari offers a new interface design, the difference in design is that the position of the address bar can be changed up and down.
– This change allows a larger portion of the page’s content to be displayed, and the new design looks more modern than the usual old design.

– But some users do not like this design, so you can switch to the old design by pressing the aa icon next to the design and moving the bar up.
You can return to the new design by following the same steps, but choose to move the tape down.

Get weather changes alerts with iOS 15

Apple has significantly improved the weather app on iOS 15 by significantly changing the interface design.
This is in addition to relying on several features of the Dark Sky I bought earlier this year.

You can get alerts about the constantly changing weather and how bad the weather will be through the Constantly Personal Weather app. Following these steps:
Go to the Weather app, then tap on the bottom three dots.
Select Alerts from the drop-down list that appears in front of you and activate Alerts based on your location.

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Spotlight Search is used directly on the lock screen

Thanks to the latest system update, you can access the selected search bar on the iPhone via the lock screen, and the Spotlight Lite search bar allows you to quickly find what you need without unlocking the phone.
You can do this by following these steps:

Go to the Settings app, then select Face Print and Password, and then you will see an option called Today Show, Search Box, so activate this option.
You can access the search bar by swiping down to the screen until the ribbon screen opens.

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