Apple and Ireland are seeking review by the European Union Commission

Apple and Ireland are seeking review by the European Union Commission

The European Commission Intends to appeal against a previous ruling rejecting EU allegations of its legitimacy.Agreement between Apple and Ireland In the case of taxes. At the heart of the deal are the so-called Sweetheart deal The Commission considers it unequal to take everything to court in an attempt to undermine the foundation.

EU vs Apple: Here is the appeal

The appeal was already there Announced, But now it was there too Deposited. The objectives are clear, and certainly not aimed at finding a compromise: the Commission seeks to overturn the previous judgment, dismiss the reasons and refer the case to the court for review. “Court“, The document explains,”This led to a number of errors in the law in rejecting the key finding of a competitive decision about the existence of an achievement.“.Not only”.The General Court erred in its law in rejecting the alternative finding of a decision on the existence of an achievement“.

It is important to remember that not only the relationship between Cupertino and Dublin, but the entire Apple tax profile that is part of the European Union and the Vis-a-Vis countries are based on it as well.Double Irish with Dutch sandwichThe potential for big corporations to exploit in some way – so far – is entirely legal.

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