Aphelion when the earth and the sun keep their distance

Aphelion when the earth and the sun keep their distance
APHELION When one of the natural phenomena of July took place on Tuesday, July 6, 2021, the discussion in cyberspace quickly gained popularity. This is an astronomical event, meaning that the Earth’s position is far away from the Sun. It is known that the affliction occurred this year at 05.27 WIB / 06.27 WITA / 07.27 WIT, 152 million km away.

Andy Pangerng, a researcher at the National Institute of Aeronautics and Space (LAPAN), explained that it took the Earth 365 days or a year to fully orbit the Sun as the center of the Solar System. As it orbits the Sun, the Earth moves in an orbit that is not entirely circular, but elliptical or oval in shape.

The elliptical orbit of the Earth orbits the Sun at an oblique curve, so that in a year the Earth has the nearest distance (perihelion) in January and the farthest distance from the Sun (aphelion) in July.

When the aphelion occurs, the diameter of the sun appears to be slightly smaller. Its size decreases by about 15.73 arc minutes or 1.68%.

If the aphelion is 152 million kilometers, what is the distance of the perihelion? According to NASA Science, this year’s perihelion is 147.5 million kilometers. Aphilion and perihelion occur from the next decade to the next decade, 13-15 after menopause.

Andy said perihelion and aphelion are common occurrences. Aphelion had no significant influence on earth. He also quoted Lapan from the page as saying that Indonesia would not be directly affected.

The cool temperatures of the morning are normal during the dry season until recently and then until August to avoid heat from the earth’s surface.

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However, due to the location of the Sun, which is currently located in the Northern Hemisphere, the air pressure in the Northern Hemisphere will be lower than in the South, which experiences winter, as Australia experiences today.

The islands of Java, Bali and Nusa Tenggara, located in the southern part of the equator, will be affected, ”he said. Fakhri Rajab, head of the Center for Public Meteorology, Climatology and Geophysics Agency (BMKG), acknowledges that there is no direct effect of aphelion on Earth’s temperature or climate.

However, aphelion has an effect on tidal conditions. “Tides and waves are actually different phenomena and have different causes.

However, high sea waves during high tide can be more dangerous, ”he explained. Indonesian Media Doc

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