Anxiety of patients using connected watches that abuse health sensors

Anxiety of patients using connected watches that abuse health sensors

Wearing a smart watch can cause great anxiety among users with heart problems. One patient did 916 ECGs a year!

Connected watches, such as the Apple Watch or Samsung’s recent Galaxy Watch 4, do more than tell the clock: they are wrist clinics that are increasing the number of sensors to measure body constants. It can cause unnecessary anxiety in people with health problems.

Improved patient education

Lindsay Roseman, Assistant Professor in the Department of Cardiology, School of Medicine, University of North Carolina; Describe A 70-year-old patient was diagnosed with atrial fibrillation a year ago, which is a heart condition that causes the heart to beat irregularly. Since then, she has taken 916 eKGs from her smartwatch, and in fact she has received unpleasant notifications about her heart each time.

Researcher explains that patients with palpitations, palpitations, or irregular heartbeats go to clinics Piles of paper with data from their smart watches “Of course, this is useful information to educate patients and gain a general understanding of its health trends. But for some patients, these tools can do more harm than good, cause anxiety and persist.

Lindsay Roseman and colleagues report that patients are disturbed by harmless notices when a device indicates a high heart rate after exercise, or if the device has failed. These results can be misinterpreted, causing users to use their watch sensors too often, thus fueling users’ concerns.

Therefore, Rosemann urges the manufacturers of these products to provide further education around these devices and to work with health professionals to interpret the data they produce.

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