Anti-Netanyahu government born: even among Arabs

Anti-Netanyahu government born: even among Arabs

A Heaped To stop Netanyahu. In Israel, after 12 years of Bibi’s rule, it was time for Yer Lapid to inform the President of the Republic that he had formed a new government. “I have informed President Reuven Rivle that I have been able to form a new government,” Central Party leader Yesh Atid wrote on Twitter. “This government will work for all citizens of Israel, both those who voted and those who did not. I will do everything I can to unite the Israeli community,” he added. The new executive will be the last to launch Rivlin. In the last few hours, Isaac Herzog, the “noble” son of Israeli politics, has also been elected by Likud. Rivlin noted the formation of the new government and sent a clear message to Lapid: “Congratulations to Yer Lapid and the leaders of the parties that formed the ruling coalition. We hope that the Knesset will meet soon to approve the government. In accordance with the law.”

The ruling coalition led by Yer Lapid includes eight parties: the centralists of Yesh Atid and Blue & White, the Labor Party of Merets, the radical left and the right-wing national parties Israel Beit, New Hope and Yamina. For the first time, an Arab-Israeli party – Ram’s Islamic Conservatives – is officially taking part in the executive formation of the Jewish state. Yer Lapid President Ruwen Rivlin assured that the new government he has added will “work in the service of all Israeli citizens” and “do everything to unite all sections of Israeli society.” Lapid-Bennett will remain executive on the deal. The first is secular, ready to separate territories from Israel. Bennett, a religious man, wants to connect some areas of the West Bank with the Jewish state.

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In fact, it ends with a maxi alliance Anti-Netanyahu, Bibi’s long adventure in the PM’s chair, which has lasted uninterrupted since 2009. Of course, the government’s turn to the center and to the left will affect the entire Middle East region, Gaza’s ongoing attacks on Israel and the weak balance of Jerusalem’s battlefield. As already mentioned, underline Riyam’s entry into the majority supporting the executive of the Israeli Arab Party. This is the first time in the history of Israel. Now we need to understand what Netanyahu’s next move will be. But of course the political framework in Israel remains weak, and the anti-Bibi alliance will soon disintegrate and bring the country back to re-election.

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