Anti-Kovid vaccine patents, Merkel Biden line hijacked and heads call

Anti-Kovid vaccine patents, Merkel Biden line hijacked and heads call

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BERLIN – Angela Merkel did not personally attend the European summit in Porto, but only attended to the effect and caused some criticism. But the Chancellor Ugur spoke to Sahin on the phone yesterday, The founding scientist of Biotech and the father of the vaccine of the same name and wife Slem Tracy. The topic of conversation was Joseph Biden’s proposal to suspend the patent protection of anti – Kovid vaccines and expedite their more equitable global distribution.

A clear indication of what Merkel’s priorities are, they refused without appeal The idea of ​​the American president, Say its spokespersons Property protection is the engine of innovation and should continue to be so in the future. In any case, according to Merkel, the factor limiting the availability of vaccines is not patents, but Production capacity and high quality standards are required. A position that fits perfectly with Sahin and the Renish Company.

Angela Merkel’s attitude does not betray her concern to protect a German company that has spent resources and energy on research. In fact, other factors depend on the choice of Chancellor. First, there is an internal political factor that is reflected in the ongoing election campaign: Verdi, Linkെ, and NGOs immediately supported the White House proposal. Grenen co-chair Robert Habeck said Germany should contact the US and start a project with the World Health Organization. Without her, Merkel could have made the CDU champions Made in Germany, More in the field of advanced technologies.

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But even stronger and more fun Strategic factor. While welcoming the Biden administration’s arrival with relief after the Trump tragedy, Merkel has previously said that differences between the United States and Europe will not go away. The vaccine patent is an example. US SummerSolt puts Berlin in crisis: On the one hand, the German government was one of the first to commit to a more equitable global vaccination supply, and the UN-sponsored Kovacs initiative was generously funded. . On the other hand, After months of pushing for a national vaccination campaign, Including a strict export ban, The U.S. now wants to call itself the champion of international solidarity.

Not only that. The Chancellor is disturbed by the fact that Biden’s turnaround is the same Move the opposite of what is defined Wax-diplomacy. By proposing to liberalize the production of vaccines, the White House is trying to create one, albeit for a limited period of time. The political capital of the systemic struggle with China began to flow into the Silk Road of health With the export of Synovax and Sinoform to Africa and elsewhere. In other words, it is Biden seems like a move Soft Power, Has no immediate effect on the global fight against pandemics. But this is already having strong repercussions at the entrepreneurial level and penalizing long-term investment decisions.

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